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  1. River Rat(Kuhl) water pump install question

    Old pump was shot (bearings froze) a new leaked like a faucet.....sent back and the "fixed pump is coming. (Boats can be frustrating) My question is does anyone else have a bunch of shims, washer, and a "washer with bearings" on where it mounts? The new pump did not seem to...
  2. Holley EFI install

    Jet Boats
    Just finished the Holley Terminator EFI install on my 21' jet. 950cfm throttle body, with (4) 85#/hr injectors. Motor fired right up and idled in my driveway. Going to time it and test at the lake this weekend, hope she runs well! I don't know anyone thats ran this setup so definitely in...
  3. How should I install replacement gas fuel tanks?

    When I first began reading the forums, a common complaint was not providing enough info. HA! How should I install my replacement fuel tanks? Almost every single boat person I have met since I got Dad’s old 1967 Belmont 19’ flatbottom v-drive out almost 2 years ago has told me to get rid of the...
  4. Fuel pressure regulator install question

    GN7 On the Dyno
    So I'm getting ready to setup the fuel lines for the new motor. This time around I have a pump that requires a regulator which on the old motor I didn't. I was just planning on doing what pretty much everybody else has done and just hang a regulator bracket off the carb base then run lines off...
  5. Full Stereo Install and Reviews

    Hey everyone.... So this year I did a full makeover of my stereo which was the original from 02 so you could only imagine how terrible it was. Rattles, broken mounts, terrible sound quality, no ipod hookup and CD player was terrible. To start, the front speakers were hanging off because the...
  6. Battery install help

    User "How To" Section
    How do I connect the batteries together, i removed the cables and forgot how to tie the batteries together. I have two batteries per side tied together then running to a perko switch. I'm running an msd setup and don't want to fry anything. Thanks in advance
  7. Dumb question about bowl seal install

    Jet Boats
    I am rebuilding my Berk 12JC. I am looking at the bowl seal and wondering if it is supposed to be installed with the lip facing the water or the lip facing the oil. The water is under more pressure than the oil. In the the photo on the American Turbine online manual, it looks like the seal...
  8. [Question] Install exhaust diverter on a jet?

    Jet Boats
    I have a 86 Bahner 21' with a Berkeley jet and BBC 454. Just got the engine back from a rebuild and would like to install an exhaust diverter system while I'm putting it back in. I like to hear my radio when I'm idling around the marina. The above the water line transom exhaust is pretty loud...
  9. Rail Kit Install

    Greg Shoemaker
    Hi Greg, I just bought an '85 19' CP. I have a rail kit that needs to be installed. Can you please give me some guidelines for a proper engine placement/angle and the best way to achieve this? I did see the post about the 19' Daytona using 27" as a baseline for engine placement... Your time and...
  10. Intake install angle

    Greg Shoemaker
    I had to remove my intake (old putty) 0n my 1975 18 ft KURTIS 500 jetboat and had it machined for a shoe. when i went to reinstall it i noticed the the center area between stakes (keel) start to come up about 20 in. in front of the intake about 1/4 in. and goes back down to true keel at the...
  11. Stringer Install Tutorial

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    I thought it would be cool to start a thread dedicated on only installing stringers. I thought it would be cool to get input from all others that have went through this before. This would help save the infamous Offshore Ginger of typing alot.. :) I thought it would be cool at some point to...
  12. 12JC Berkeley Set Back Install Help

    Jet Boats
    I need some help setting the intake on my Tunnel Hull project. I need to shape the flat hull and spoon the area in front of the intake. I want to set the intake first before shaping the hull. I can use the intake as reference point and do the spoon. I don't know if I can do it this way...
  13. B&M 250 compleate ready to install supercharger for sale.

    Parts for Sale
    I am selling my B&M 250 big block Chevy blower. It is in great condition, it is a complete setup for a single carb. Upper and lower intake ,charger, pulleys, thermostat adapter included. looking to get 2000$ plus shipping but have an offer shoot it over. pictures here B&M 250 complete BBC...
  14. 454 install

    Bob Teague
    I just put in a used 454 in my eliminator mojave. Motor sounds real good but when the boat planes out it seems to hang out at 35mph and is at ful throttle. Pump worn out maybe? Seems like there is no power but is running real smooth and sounds good. Berkley jg with 454, oval port heads...
  15. Porpoising After Diverter/Wedge Install

    Jet Boats
    I just took out my boat after installing a Hyd PD w/ wedge on my boat and it is faster by 8 mph but squirley and porpoises pretty badly. It is a 21 Omega Open Bow with jacuzzi. What is my next step to over come as I really like the new setup other than what I mentioned. I would like to be able...
  16. Alpine PDX-4.100 amp install

    PB Open Water
    I am looking to upgrade my mids on my boat stereo. Alpine says to run two of their PDX-4.100 amps along with 6 SPR-M700 mid range speakers what i am wondering is how you get two 4 channel amps to power 6 speakers? is there a setting on the amp to run it as a 3 channel amp? is anyone on here...
  17. Holley PV check ball install

    Jet Boats
    I'm looking to install the Holley power valve check ball in my 850 dp. The Holley instructions show the throttle plate being drilled. I've also see other how to's that show the main body being drilled instead. Does it matter?
  18. Calgo Steering Install Pics

    Jet Boats
    Anyone have some install tips or pictures of a Calgo Steering set up? Or could someone lead me to a nice thread that already exists. I searched and found nothing. This is going in a 19' Shadow. Thanks.
  19. opps

    Boats for Sale
    opps wrong section. please delete.
  20. Aligning engine after oil pan install...

    Hey guys, So the shop called and my oil pan is in. I'm going to pull the engine this week and install it. While I have it out, I'm going to tackle some ugly wiring, create new exhaust elbows out of aluminum (running a couple of sharp 90's out of carbon steel at the moment) this was strictly...