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  1. 460 Ford intake

    Parts for Sale
    Like new Wieand 4BBL manifold square bore. $75.00
  2. Eng. Parts Intake and Carbs

    Parts for Sale
    I have a Pro-Filer 12 degree intake and 2 1150 Domitator cabs. The carbs came off a 565ci big block Chevy. They were setup up by the Carb Shop in Ontario CA. The Pro-Filer inatke fits 12 degree spread port heads. The intake has never been ported just has a 1 inch spacer in it. Asking $2750 obo...
  3. [SOLD] Brand New Edelbrock dominator super victor bbc intake for 9.8 deck rectangle port

    Parts for Sale
    Manifold has just been show polished and plenum and port matching was done by Kuntz and Co. Never been mounted. In shreveport, louisiana -polish job was $400, plenum and port matching was $350 and intake was around $350. Asking $750
  4. [SOLD] Blower intake

    Parts for Sale
    New BDS Polished Blower intake for 9.8 standard deck BBC only open for pictures $575
  5. WTT Tall Deck intake

    Parts for Sale
    I have an oval port bbc td intake i'd like to trade for a sbc intake that is made for large ci sb's. This intake was barely used, and all bolt holes are fine. No porting it's just like it came from Dart. Contact me by pm or my email [email protected] to let me know what ya got to...
  6. WTB Intake for B&M 420 Mega Blower

    Parts for Sale
    I've searched and found they didn't make a tall deck intake for this set up. So I'll have to use spacers on the intake. If anyone has an intake for a BBC B&M 420 mega for a decent price, please contact me, I need one...Thanks for looking at my post....:))THumbsUp
  7. Need a tall deck intake for a B&M 420 Mega

    Parts for Sale
    I need an intake for a tall deck BBC for my 420 Mega Blower set up, rectangle port. If anyone has one decently priced, please let me [email protected] or PM me here at PB.....Thank you...:thumb:
  8. WTB BBC L88 Intake Manifold

    Parts for Sale
    Looking for a Chevrolet L88 (427 GM factory intake manifold - GM number(s) -3933198 or 3885069 - polished or sandblast finish. Would also consider an Edlebrock #7163 manifold. Call Lynn @ (626) 966-7713 - Thank You !! PS - I'm located in So. Cal.
  9. Dart High Rise Single Plane Intake - Tall Deck

    Parts for Sale
    Dart high rise single plane intake Tall Deck 4150 flange Excellent condition Asking $300 Please call or text Jack at 978-400-6235
  10. [SOLD] Edelbrock performer, intake manifold

    Parts for Sale
    EDELBROCK PERFORMER, INTAKE MANIFOLD, 3300 SBC, INTAKE MANIFOLD, Edelebrock Performer Chevy small block, 3300 S.P.2-P. WILL FIT 265,283,327,305,307,350,400, Engines COMES WITH TWO THICK BASE GASKETS $100 Call 530 575 5025
  11. [SOLD] Bbc, big block chevy, hurricane, intake manifold

    Parts for Sale
    BBC, BIG BLOCK CHEVY, HURRICANE, INTAKE MANIFOLD Hurricane 6" Intake Manifold, 53036/53037, Professional Products will fit 396,427, 454, 3,000 to 7,500 RPM Range Like new , has not been installed. $120 call 530 575 5025
  12. Low pro intake.

    Parts for Sale
    Low pro intake, 3 degree back cut and flat shoe $550.00, I’ll ship. 916-825-1514
  13. Looking for a bbc 10.2 Indy intake

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    If you have a BBC 10.2 Indy intake you are willing to sell please contact me. I need one for a new 598 build. Thanks, Mark
  14. Looking for a bbc 10.2 Indy intake

    Parts for Sale
    If you have a BBC 10.2 Indy intake you are willing to sell please contact me! Thanks, Mark
  15. wtb blower intake for bbc

    Parts for Sale
    looking for intake for bds 1071 for bbc.
  16. 088 heads and Edelbrock intake ready to run

    Parts for Sale
    I have a set of 088 heads with ARP screw in studs and guide plates. The heads have been port matched on the intake side to the Edelbrock intake as well as having the bowls blended by a professional. The heads have Manley valves which include inconel exhaust valves. Valve springs (I think they...
  17. Polishing Intake Manifold

    What shop do polishing on Intake Manifolds. Any recommendations would be appreciated. In live in Nor Cal but will ship to the right shop, i just need to know who that person is. Thanks
  18. Intake ID.

    Jet Boats
    Could anyone identify what type or what make this intake is? Thanks.
  19. WTB... Ford 427 FE blower intake....

    Throwing this out there for some of you old school guys that might be into FE motors...looking for a blower intake. Not a welded up fab job, but a real cast blower intake. Blue Thunder, Cragar, H&M... if you have one and are willing to sell, let me know. I have a med. riser 2x4 intake I might be...
  20. New and used r intake loaders by Tom Peterson for sale

    Parts for Sale
    Have a brand new Tom Peterson loader and a reworked Tom Peterson loader for sale. Built originally for placecraft. I will take $500 for both of them or $300 for the new one and $250 for the reworked one. Both are powdercoated. Located in shreveport, louisiana 71108 318-687-9088 or...