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  1. Gray Water Storage
    2FF, damn hes on both webpages posting like crazy,thought you were banned from the fat drunks webpage?
  2. V-Drives
    Sub-image wink/smile/hand gesture/personal logo Sorry, this was the end of a very stupid post, which I couldn't figure out how to just the end no attention ( admins, how DO you remove your own post?)
  3. PB Open Water
    Anybody know if any "true" high speed internet service provider exists in MV, Needles area? I've tried Frontier DSL and Wi-Power wireless and both charge crazy amounts for 1.5 mbps download speeds at best... This is so frustrating... Down here in South OC, I'm getting 30 mbps through Cox...
  4. PB Open Water
    Got an anonymous phone call today. Probably from Pgal. Gutless coward to block the phone number. Complementing me on my internet gestapo work. It was a F you and a hang up. LOL Just so you and everyone else knows. You don't come on here create a username and start slinging crap. We will track...
  5. PB Open Water
    weve recently purchased a house at the windmill2 resort in earp, parker dam ca. were in the process of shopping around for a internet provider for our house. Does anyone know of a company that services that area? Thanks for the help.
  6. PB Open Water
    Looking for some good prices on TV, Internet, and Alarm service.
  7. PB Open Water
    If you have your Windows 7 set to auto update it could install IE10 by default. I've been trying to figure out whats wrong with my computer for 4 days since the upgrade. It appears to have a few "bugs" If you are having problems posting, etc. you might try this. > How to Remove IE10 and Get...
  8. PB Open Water
    Can you get internet in an area with very poor cellular service? With no phone lines? I'mtalking about a river mobile home that has Directv dish, but it's a bitch to get on the internet because of no service. Not that I need to be onthe internet when i'm at the river, but we do have to try to...
  9. PB Open Water
    Looking to have wireless internet at the races this year. Streaming netflix etc. Saw Virgin and Cricket as no contract and 100ish $$ modem cost . Don't have an expensive phone plan to setup a hot spot. Suggestions?
  10. PB Open Water
    Is Frontier the only game in town for Internet service? Looking to get internet service for the place at the river and want to pay as little as possible as we are not there full time. Frontier wants $50 a month. Im in the Mohave Valley/Needles area. Thanks!
  11. V-Drives
    Anyone know if Region 10 is broadcasting. I believe these are being held at Devils Lake in Oregon. Good luck to the K-69 team
  12. PB Open Water
    Okay what the best company for internet in North Vegas? Cox?? anybody have any suggestions? and is cox internet good with cable service as well?
  13. PB Open Water
    Looking to speed up my internet connection. Right now I'm set up on DSL with Earthlink. They have a satellite option that is 5.0Mbps. I see the dial up is 56Kbps but I don't know how to see how fast my DSL speed is. I have a Apple IMAC 24. What speed is considered to be fast? Yesterday it took...
  14. PB Open Water
    What is the best provider for internet service in Havasu. NPG is now Suddnelink and I am looking for something affordable and dependable.......thanks
  15. PB Open Water
    Saw a shit talker on an Elvis forum and was curious if anyone had run across the same here or elsewhere?:):)punch
  16. PB Open Water
    I'm still using Pandora... Pandora Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio, Find New Music I just need to get an amp hooked up to my computer... some satellite speakers through out the house and on the patio... ;)
  17. PB Open Water
    Restored 1930's Auto Shop - Page 35 - The Garage Journal Board I linked it at page 35, where I am now. That is back to March, 2010. I'm still reading.
  18. PB Open Water
    What are the options in havasu for wireless internet? Is there any other options besides NPG? Thanks
1-18 of 34 Results