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  1. V-Drives
    Just stumbled across this interesting article on Harlan: INTERVIEW: HARLAN ORRIN — Part 1 | Classic Custom Boats
  2. Political Rhetoric
    It's a couple months old but I found it quite informative. It confirms much of what I already believed about this man. Young Obama
  3. Political Rhetoric
    This interview was originally aired on Bill Marhrs show. The one conducting the interview is the daughter of Nancy Palosi. (VIDEO) New York Welfare Recipients Interviewed
  4. PB Open Water
    Went on a interview and just felt odd...... For what I do, I normally have a office, complete with computor, phone and such support... But there, there is no office, I am to head to "the closest" construction trailer and work.. But I do not have to go to the office, I may work out of home with...
  5. Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Coon Skin Man Tells All - YouTube Carter Johnson!!! Gettin It!! I want to party with this guy:D
  6. V-Drives
    Info Jr's interview. He is a great kid. I'm very proud of him. SHAZAM Team Member Spotlight – Dillon Munson | Green Country Drag Boat
  7. Political Rhetoric
    Videos – Glenn Beck :)devil
  8. PB Open Water
    I have been back and forth on iTunes for 30mins trying to dig into my 80's memories and I can't figure it out. Please help.:)bulb
  9. Jet Boats
  10. Political Rhetoric
    Last night I watched John McCain explain the Republican proposal for a stimulus package. The party needs a new spokesman! McCain is intelligent. He can't get a thought across in a way that the average American can relate to. Like a good engineer, he can create something that works. He just...
  11. Political Rhetoric
    "He IS a wonderful man" 2001 'Radical Redistribution of Wealth'
  12. Political Rhetoric The Dems walked out of the studio. The station took the interview down and is refusing to talk about it.
  13. Political Rhetoric
    Trying to make Palin look dizzy won't matter. Those who vote McCain / Palin will do so because they don't like Obamas policies. Also: The upcoming debate she just has to survive. That's all. Her supporters will always be her supporters. Biden has everything to loose, not Palin. Biden has...
  14. Political Rhetoric
    So, Charles Gibson does a three part interview with VP Candidate Sarah Palin. The first question he asks is if she has enough experience? I want to know when he or someone else is going to ask the same question of Obama. This woman is a governor, Obama is a Senator, that actually went from his...
  15. PB Open Water
    on glen beck right now cnn
  16. Political Rhetoric
    Did anybody else watch the interview with Katey Couric and Nagin(mayor of NO)? I'm sorry but this guy is a complete piece. Stating that the reason NO is getting the assistance it needs is because its "good" for the RNC and its a presidential election year, is a complete crock of xxxx.
  17. Political Rhetoric
    Did anybody else watch Bob Costas interview President Bush? What the xxxx was that at the olympics? I thought the constant political questions were completely inappropriate. Its the Olympics, leave all the other xxxx somewhere else.
  18. PB Open Water
    Read bold part.... Sounds like he might be in for a lot of trouble maybe involuntary manslaughter? MINNEAPOLIS – Former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson said a combination of personal problems and a lack of sleeping and eating led to the July 15 incident culminating in...
  19. V-Drives
    Not sure who all has seen this but I just came across it today and got a good laugh.
  20. PB Open Water
    Where is the editor when you need one? Doesn't Tres work closely with them? I took a screen shot if you didn't want to wait 5 minutes for the page to load. :p