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  1. Parts for Sale
    Please see link Thanks, Alan 831-595-4720
  2. Parts for Sale
    looking to replace one bad head i have.. anyone have a dart iron eagle laying around .. 345cc BBC bare preferred. let me know.. 530-903-1623
  3. Parts for Sale
    $80.00 OBO Take-offs from a late 90s Marine Power 454. 4" Outlet Dave 951-534-4851
  4. Parts for Sale
    Have a very nice set of Merlin BBC iron rectangle port heads for sale. $900. They have 2.25 intake valves and 1.88 exhaust valves. Chamber volume is 127.500. Also have flow sheets. Come with stud girdle and nuts. They where on a 525 blower motor and work very well. They have dyno time and...
  5. Parts for Sale
    Real nice set of iron 320 merlin heads. 1.7 roller Rockers included. 1400obo shipped within the 48 motivated seller. Please no emails. Call or text 717-830-0611. Can send pics via text or email. Thanks for looking.
  6. Parts for Sale
    For sale is a real nice set of merlin 320 heads. Triple springs good to .800 lift. Roller rockers included. 1400obo shipped within the 48. Motivated seller these gotta go. Please no email, call or text 717-830-0611
  7. Jet Boats
    So Im pullin my motor apart and I noticed on the bottom of the stock iron intake manifold theres this sheild or baffle thing...what is it and do I need to swap it over to a new aluminum one when I buy it? Here is the aluminum one I was looking at...SE Sport Dual Plane Big Block Chevy Oval Port...
  8. PB Open Water
    Sucked, how is this making so much money? This last movie was poorly made, crazy ass story line which made no sense... Really disappointed.!
  9. Parts for Sale
    Iron Cobra Jet intake for Ford 429 or 460. Has the usual corrosion, machined surfaces are in good shape. This is a great intake, it rates higher than several aluminum intakes in performance. I'm replacing it with a polished aluminum intake otherwise I would probably have run this till I built my...
  10. Parts for Sale
    BBC Dart Iron Eagle heads ran for 4 years...just re freshened at machine shop, still in bags switched to pro 1's... 345 runners, 2.300/1.880inconel exhaust valves, come assembled with springs to. 700" lift. Need your studs and rockers...No port work done,no damage. Located in Grand Rapids...
  11. GN7 On the Dyno
    Got a PCM 454 330hp with some rusty iron factory manifold/risers. I also have some old alum logs with snails available. Is there any performance difference between these two options? I realize that neither are great for high performance apps but was just wondering if going to the logs would have...
  12. GN7 On the Dyno
    Finally got some results on these from the customer but it doesn't really tell the whole story. The engine was chassis dyno'd before and after and according to the dyno, we put almost 100hp to the rear wheels, all things considered, but I know this is short of what's actually there. These went...
  13. GN7 On the Dyno
    I just picked up a 454 long block that was in the process of a rebuild. Unfortunately the guy who started the rebuild is no longer with us and I have some figuring out what I am working with. I pulled the numbers off the cast iron heads and found that they are an open chamber head. I ordered...
  14. Parts for Sale
    Still working on cleaning out the garage. Two set of cast iron SBC manifolds. One is 3 1/2" and the other (with silver colored risers) needs a 3 3/4" boot at the manifold then necked down to 3 1/2? $200.00 pair Heat exchanger off of a Kodiak 460, $300.00 K&N 4 barrel air cleaner, a bit of...
  15. Parts for Sale
    Professionally polished, ready for coating. For small block Chevy $250.00 plus shipping. If interested, call or text me at: 562-519-0892
  16. V-Drives
    From research on these forums this boats been around for awhile and im the first to redo the floor i know mouzer use to own this odditie but i couldnt let it go it is a biesmeyer after all.......:)devil
  17. GN7 On the Dyno
    Any comments pro or con on a set of Merlin Heads "Grumpy Bill Jenkins Series". Rectangle port. 310 cc intake runner. 2.25 intake valves. 1.88 exhaust valves.-This would be for a N/A 496 pump gas cruiser deal.-Cruising, skiing and occasional speed runs.
1-17 of 28 Results