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  1. "Uh, the toilet isn't working"......

    PB Open Water
    My son and his friends wanted to have a lake party last weekend, so I agreed to play along. They are all 22-25 years old. Bought a keg, lots of food, etc. The party started Friday night, some of the them slept on our Sea Ray 290. The next day about 25 showed up, the boys cooked while the girls...
  2. Isn't This The Boat That Was Reported Stolen?

    PB Open Water
    I can't remember if I read it here, or on CL, but I remember someone saying that the thief illegally forged the owners name on documents and had the title switched to his name. This is the reason that the boat came w/o trailer & was inexpensive. Now it says it has a clean title & comes with a...
  3. Well isn't this just effin brilliant!

    Political Rhetoric
    Obama Health Plan to Cover 12 Million Illegals and just when you thought things couldn't get any worse, Osama and his retarded pals strike again :|err
  4. Lee isn't the only one!

    Political Rhetoric
    What the hell does this mean?? "On Saturday, Obama also ribbed the club's historical roots and exclusive tradition. The club was started partly to celebrate the birthday of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.If Lee "were here with us tonight, the general would be 202 years old," Obama joked...
  5. Now that isn't a racist remark

    Political Rhetoric
    "There is an entire generation that will grow up taking for granted that the highest office in the land is filled by an African American," Obama said in the interview. "I mean, that's a radical thing. It changes how black children look at themselves. It also changes how white children look at...
  6. Isn't Change Grand :)

    Political Rhetoric
    Gotta love politicians. :)grn It would appear the only change that's gonna occur is the name on the door. While it pleases me that some of the changes preached in the campaign which I didn't agree with are now apparently being backpeddled on, I do find that history repeats again, in reference...
  7. Obama isn't denying it,,,

    Political Rhetoric
    Bama hasn't denied the communist accusations that the right has been hurling at him the past 6 days. I really thought in his speeches, interviews and TV ads he'd addressed that and clarified it's over exaggerated. But with his new TV ads appearing today,, nothing said by him. Perhaps he is a...
  8. If laying people off isn't hard enough!!!

    PB Open Water
    It's worse when it's family and you already know that they are struggling financially. I had to lay off my brother inlaw today and it sucked. I've known it was coming for about a month and I tried to do everything I could not to. I tried to move budgeted $$$'s I looked for a place in parts...
  9. I guess Harley Davidson isn't doing that bad.....

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  10. Say it isn't so...(Nitro shortage)

    PB Open Water
    Apparently gasoline and diesel aren’t the only fuels that are in shortage, as the NHRA announced that all Top Fuel and Funny Car teams will not be able to test at any NHRA sanctioned tracks effective immediately. Apparently there is a nitro methane shortage so VP Racing Fuels the NHRA supplier...
  11. Isn't it rather odd that

    PB Open Water
    the price of crude oil is dropping on fear of the economy going into a recession, when it could be easily argued that the skyrocketing price of crude is a major factor in what brought ON the recession? :)Pound
  12. Essex ( i hope this isn't posted on the other 2 sites)

    PB Open Water
  13. So.... How Come TN Isn't

    in the SE boating section