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  1. AC Delco Spark plug issue

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Have always ran the AC Delco R43T plugs. Now Autozone says they are unavailable now. They have a R43TS that has an extended tip (the post and electrode stick out about 1/16" further than the R43T) The rest of the plug is identical in geometry/dimensions. I'm running a small dome 10:1 piston...
  2. Retard cam - Reversion issue

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I have my motor out for some winter upgrades and it looks like I am getting some reversion? I installed my cam 2 degrees advanced but would like to retard it as I am not running 11:1 compression and would like a little more rpm on the top end. I have Imco powerflow exhaust and have been told...
  3. [Pics] BBC Comp Cam Issue

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Good day my fellow BOAT enthusiasts..... I recently started hearing a different sound coming from the left side exhaust while cruising. As my valve cover gaskets where leaking a little, I thought, no better time than to adjust the valves, right, glad I did!! With engine at idle, I began my...
  4. [Question] Dual battery issue

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Hi all, I'm having an issue with my dual battery setup. #2 battery voltage drops to 2.5 volts at the terminal block when the ignition key is in the on position. Here is what I have: Guest Battery switch set to #1, voltage at the output of the switch 12.7 volts. Turn the ignition to the on...
  5. Exhaust Issue

    I hope this is in the right place. 1996 Bluewater Marque. 454. Bravo Three. I have a captains choice exhaust setup. it is air operated. It bleeds off within 30 seconds of being opened to divert thru the transom. Are there rebuild kits? Thanks in advance.
  6. Trump and the abortion issue.

    Political Rhetoric
    I’m so sick of this abortion trap. If you performed one on stage or blew up a PP you will always be on the wrong side. Mr Shiver up his leg led Trump down a path to get a sound bite (it was Trumps fault he fell for it). I’ve talked to a few women yesterday and asked them, If there was a law...
  7. Shift linkage and kill switch issue

    User "How To" Section
    I took my 1988 Formula 206LS out for the first time this weekend (the only time before I have to winterize). The boat has a carbureted mercury 350 Magnum. Everything ran great in the beginning but eventually I was unable to shift into neutral. The control was very difficult to move and would...
  8. Crab issue solved - C&J Engineering

    Jet Boats
    Carb issue solved - C&J Engineering September 17, 2015 Hello People Another master piece from C & J Engineering. My 1998 Howard 19 footer has been grounded for several years. I decided to run the engine to circulate the oil and heat it up to dry out the moisture, to my surprise...
  9. 454 magnum EFI issue

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I have moved this to here hoping someone might have some insight on what to try. Yesterday, 10:29 PM#12 orngxtc Senior MemberJoin DateAug 2010LocationPetalumaPosts151 Guys I am reviving this as I am at my whitts end with my 94 Howard with a 454 MPI Mercruiser that is having similar issues...
  10. BBC experts, Interesting issue

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Waste of time, not worth the irritation for me to be straight forward with my issue. I do appreciate those that tried to give me honest advice.
  11. Cooling issue

    Jet Boats
    Bypass cooling system not reading warm on gauge I am running a raw water system in my 383. I have this bypass set up. Polished Stainless Thermostat Kit For Chevy, 455 Olds The temperature sensor is in the intake manifold. The gauge reads cold (below 130 the lowest it reads) if I crimp both...
  12. oil issue..

    GN7 On the Dyno
    So after a day torturing my Blower motor I noticed it just a bit low on oil pressure.. I cut a filter apart and found bearing material.. Then I pulled the pan and found bigger chunks.. Motor didnt knock or spin any bearings but the crank will need a polish and a new set of rod/main bearings...
  13. need help with issue?

    PB Open Water
    So when I go to turn boat off after cruising for a while it diesels for a few seconds before it finally turns off. I thought it was a carb issue so I rebuilt the carb and it still does it. Im not sure where to go from here. Its a newly built 455 .30 over it has maybe 10 hrs on it. It runs great...
  14. Reverse Cable/Place Diverter Compatibility Issue

    Jet Boats
    Hey y'all, helping out my parents neighbor by installing his recently purchased hydraulic place diverter onto his boat for him so he has an excuse to put his boat on the water this summer for the first time in 13 years. When I installed my place diverter last year my reverse cable attached...
  15. WANTED 2003 Hot Boat September issue

    Other Stuff for Sale
    wanted 2003 Hot Boat September issue... or at least a color scan sent to me of the " Total Eclipse " article on page 80.. please e-mail it to me if you have a copy and scanner or if you want to sell me your copy...thanks [email protected]
  16. Solve an issue Lady? (Michael Browns mother)

    Political Rhetoric
    This is a way to solve a dispute ? The mother of Michael Brown could be charged with felony armed robbery for allegedly attacking people in a Ferguson, Mo., parking lot because they were selling T-shirts honoring the late teenager. The Ferguson Police Department is currently investigating...
  17. Starter Issue

    Is there an issue with using one of those GM Trans Spacer and a standard cast iron nose starters? I had to grind some of the nose of the starter just to get the bolts started. I think it put pressure in the starter and it chewed up the bushing and housing itself in just two outings.
  18. Water plumbing issue. Please HELP

    Jet Boats
    New to the jet boat world but I have been bitten. I have a BBC with logs running through the transom. I bought the boat and the last owner said it took a long time for the boat to warm up after you get it into the lake. It does take awhile, but it does warm up to about 150 degrees. I was on...
  19. Stuffer bushing issue on Mach 1

    I have a Mach 1 v drive and I put all new bushings in strut, wip strut and stuffer bushing. I have a water cooled ca sale that dumps into the stuffer. Every time I put in water and run out from marina it spins the stuffer bushing with the shaft and rips my fittings off. Once it does it then I...
  20. Obama to issue EO granting clemancy to illegals

    Political Rhetoric
    Yup, reported today zero is preparing an executive order to grant clemency to the thousands of illegals flooding across our borders! That will surely stop the influx of illegals, NOT! If this happens, will this be '' the straw that breaks the camels back '' and starts zeros impeachment?