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  1. Bring back Jay Carney

    Political Rhetoric
    This new guy is so much worse then Jay (didn't think that was possible). He just repeats the question as if he is answering it or reply's with such generic bullshit talking point lines what's the point. Just release a written statement and be done with it.
  2. WOB ray jay turbo

    Parts for Sale
    Looking to buy a rebuilt or used 301E turbo for Gail banks twin turbo draw thru system. Have one that keeps pushing out the gasket on intake side and squinting gas during boost. Housing must be warped. Thanks
  3. Inside jay Carneys house

    Political Rhetoric
    Balancing Act | Washingtonian MOM Notice the posters on the wall Business Insider’s Hunter Walker tracks down some of the history behind the posters. One features a soldier asking “Have you enlisted?” The other features a Russian female factory worker and reads, “Women! Learn production...
  4. Race Aero (Ray Jay) Twin Turbo System

    Parts for Sale
    Race Aero (Ray Jay) Twin Turbo System - Reduced! Hi Guys, Okay, I will try this again. I took a pretty good beating last time around for not posting proper pictures, so hopefully this re-post will be more accepted... I have a Race Aero Twin Turbo System for sale. Includes 2 freshly rebuilt...
  5. Ray Jay Turbos

    Parts for Sale
    Ray Jay Turbos $750.00 Call 928-680-5974 Ask For Jim Located in Lake Havasu, AZ
  6. Is Jay Photoglue still around?

    Off the Water
    Anyone know where Jay is working now? Thanks
  7. Jay Johnson's Placecraft

    Anyone here know him? I know he's in NM. I sold him the placecraft and heard it was up for sale. Im looking for it, send him my way! Doug 360-910-8985
  8. Many Thanks To Jay Photoglou ......

    PB Open Water
    We bought a new Tahoe LTZ from Jay last week. Jay has the highest level of customer service and provided the best pricing available. Jay brought the vehicle to our house and drove the trade away. Thanks again Jay!
  9. Is anyone going to miss Jay Leno

    PB Open Water
    I DVR'd him every night. One of my favorite shows.
  10. Illegals attack Jay Severin !

    Political Rhetoric
    Severin suspended for comments about Mexican immigrants Comments about Mexicans and swine flu by WTKK radio host Jay Severin have prompted a flood of complaints to station management. Comments about Mexicans and swine flu by WTKK radio host Jay Severin have prompted a flood of complaints to...
  11. Jay Leno's Garage

    PB Open Water
    For all you fabricators. Pretty cool!
  12. Brian Wilson on Jay Leno

    PB Open Water
  13. DCB Jay Pass

    PB Open Water
  14. Thanks Jay, awesome service. We ordered a new Z06

    PB Open Water
    Jay came through with great service and colossal price on a new 427 ZO6. Can't touch Jay for a great deal and great dealings. 714 552 0300 The 427 engines are hand built at the GM performance center. The builders name is on each one:
  15. jay-z missed this one

    PB Open Water
    dam does this chick look like beyonce to you and she cooks. this is a new face coming to the food network...i need a close-up to check all the ASSets
  16. APB for Jay Photoglou

    PB Open Water
    Where can this gentleman be found?