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    JBP rail kits starting at $550) (BBC)
  2. Parts for Sale
    New From Jet Boat Performance our Polished Hex Thru Hull , available in dash 8 or for use with slip on hose , Perfect for overboard dumps , Bilge dumps etc features "no caulking" O'ring seal and our exclusive hex head flange for simple quick installation , introductory price $15.95 (tax in...
  3. Oklahoma Hot Boats
    Not sure how long this has been there. I just saw it. Jet Boat Performance, HOME
  4. Jet Boats
    Tom, Did I let the cat out of the bag on these pumps, Sorry :happy: Can you put up some pics, and details about the pumps? I was very curious about these pumps back when Dave was telling me about them but he wouldn't give up the goods (he was testing). I'm curious what one of those would run...
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    This is our 18' "Budget" Challenger Jet, re-rigged by us in 2010 this little boat originally sported a Blown BBC, "spartan" 2 seater interior with only bucket seats, guages, and fuel cell the boat was very quick and fast river racer , recently I found a Bahner and have pirated the Blower motor...
  6. Parts for Sale
    Truckload sale on Teleflex Steering Rack systems 14', 15',16',17', Jet Boats , Outboards other applications $159.00 (+sales tax in Cali) and applicable UPS Also Please ask about our "Cable package deals for Jets"
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    hey brother, need a steering swivel and need to shoot ya my info:shhh:
  8. Jet Boats
    Happy Birth day Tom!!! :party-smiley-020::party-smiley-020:
  9. Parts for Sale
    Just in Friday a new batch of our JBP Open loaders , these are our new improved design , Water jet cut and precision assembled and proffesionally welded They new tooling come with installation attaching bolts and instructions and our Tech support . $159.00 plus UPS and Tax if applicable
  10. Parts for Sale
    BBC Welded Aluminum Valve Valve covers w/KN breathers, very good cond $80.00, Mopar Chrome water injected Headers with lines (no T valve) Good condition $350.00 Near Perfect WJ "B" impeller (most common) $400 (these impellers now retail north of 5 hundy) YJ River Racer Loader $50.00
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    ATT :|err has created a phone flailex for us today sorry for the inconvenience to anyone trying to call in Tom temporary "back" line 805 462 3947
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    Jbp loaders $129.00 plus UPS and (tax in Ca) fits Berkely, AT ,Dominator and Aggressor Tom
  13. Parts for Sale
    Heres our Berkeley "C" split bowl conversion , professionally modified to "split bowl" , doubled drilled on the exit side , new tail shaft bushings, shaft seal,bowl plug and shipped with bowl gasket $425.00 plus UPS and tax in CA .Please call or PM for details more pics to follow Thanks Tom
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    Please check your pm's and call me on my home line.....