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  1. Eng. Parts Dooley 14 Qt Jetboat pan

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    Dooley 14 Qt bbc oil pan includes windage tray for a Jet Boat this pan is in great condition the rails are straight and there is no damage or repairs the dimension's are Length 20.75" Width 12.0" Depth 7.8" we had this on our Gen 4 bbc 496 drag motor, Located in Lake Havasu City Az These cost...
  2. [SOLD] Bbc nicson exhaust

    Parts for Sale
    Bbc nicson exhaust and snails This BBC Nicson exhaust came in my Campbell as extra parts when I bought it, it is set up for a jet boat, I have seen this in river cruisers, but I don't need them.I can send the Snails alone it you just want them The Snails are in great shape , the wet logs are​...
  3. Want some more ET from your jetboat?

    Jet Boats
    Dont listen to the haters, be sure to look up Duane Oblander @ Jet Pump Parts & Service & Racing Jets - Hi-tech Performance, inc. He is "top shelf" if you want the best from your pump. Check out the new "Snoot" and Race Nozzle package with the Elliptical Nozzle and his own design...
  4. Jetboat Trailer leaf spring

    Jet Boats
    I know that this is not exactly a "Jetboat" question.....I had my second leaf spring failure on my CVX-20 jet trailer......Had to get a flatbed to get it home, and then there was a traffic jam....and also, it took almost 2 hours to get the trailer off the flatbed because the right-hand wheel was...
  5. Olds 455 jetboat Terminal block mounting

    Jet Boats
    My neighbor has a a jet boat that he is working on- Just installed a DUI HEI-style distributor.....His Terminal block above the bellhousing is just hanging there. On my 460 it mounts to a cast-in spot on the bellhousing.... Does anyone have some pics/suggestions? I can fab up a bracket, but I...
  6. New (to me) Old Jetboat trying to Identify

    Jet Boats
    Hello, I recently traded for a 1975 16' I believe Sidewinder or sidewinder copy with a stuck 455 olds and Berkeley. The vin is SKJS 1586M75J Can someone help me figure out if this is a sidewinder or who the manuf. was? I was able to get it to free up enough to turn over with a breaker bar but...
  7. 2013 Cheyenne - Unblown Fuel Jet Record Holder

    Boats for Sale
    For sale minus motor. Boat was laid up in 2012. Comes with everything except motor. Boat is capped, flow coated interior Lithium battery, Milspec light weight plumbing. MPD jet drive, jet-a-way, quikdata 2, with 10 sensors, and O2s, digital 7 ignition, product engineering fuel pump, leash timers...
  8. [SOLD] 1976 Hallet Bubble Deck 19

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    1976 Hallet Bubble Deck 19 -BBC -Rail kit -Capped Rails -Berkley Jet -Place Diverter -Interior and Gel Coat redone in 2000 -Boat always stored indoors -All cables new, trailer bearings and lights new -Tandem axel trailer -Selling to upgrade to bigger boat Great Boat, ready to drop in the...
  9. 19' placecraft jet

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    SOLD ! (AS OF 12-16-2016 WILL ACCEPT REASONABLE OFFER) 20,000.00 LESS MOTOR 35,000.00 TURN KEY !!! 2007 TOM PETERSON PLACECRAFT !!!built by Tom Peterson and Steve Speck. New Jeff Bennett race keel, R- berkley pump,Has stainless B- detailed impeller and inducer, detailed rear...
  10. Under 23' Performance 19

    Boats for Sale
    Time to let her go... Performance 19 jet boat. 1000hp 565ci bbc built by Tony Contantino M&D Performance vacuum pump MSD 7 series ignition with crank trigger dual 1050 dominators dart tunnelram intake set back pump and stage 3 race prep work done by Jack McClure at MPD stainless B- with AQ...
  11. "Running jetboat on the garden hose" question

    Jet Boats
    Want to fire off the motor in the driveway for a maybe 5 minutes and check for fuel pressure/leaks. I have never really ran it on the hose and I don't know if you should turn the water on first and let it start to fill the block and then fire the motor or fire the motor first and then let the...
  12. [Question] Lost 500 RPM in my Jetboat

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I have always run a Davis Unified Ignition (DUI) HEI distributor in my BBC powered boat. This past winter I installed a Mallory Nitrous 6 box, PN6865M. Yesterday I put it in the water to test and it seems it will only turn 5500 RPM. Last year, 6K. Now, the tachometer was triggered off the...
  13. [Question] Does more RPM = more speed?

    Jet Boats
    Hello, Im new to the forum and looking for some advice. I have a Jetboat with a berkeley pump. lets say hypothetically my peek engine HP on a dyno is at 4700 RPM even though the engine is capable of turning 5500-6000 safely, would it be better to set my pump/boat up to top out at around 4700 RMP...
  14. WTB / ISO Jetboat Zoomies

    Parts for Sale
    Anybody got an old decent set of jetboat dry large tube Zoomies BBC laying around you don't need ? For the 19' Liberator in my Avitar
  15. Under 23' 1982 Eliminator 19' JET BOAT

    Boats for Sale
    $16,800 Great Looking Classic! Super Clean! 500+ HP 502 BB Chevy, Blueprinted Berkeley Jet Pump, Place Hydraulic Diverter, Droop Snoot, Ride Plate, Dual Batteries, Stereo, Tandem Axle Trailer. Contact me with any questions. [email protected] Thanks! Jamie
  16. [Question] GSXR 750 motor installed in Seadoo jetboat

    Jet Boats
    I know....CRAZY! I have a 2004 Seadoo Sportster with a 2006 Suzuki GSXR 750 motor installed with tach in dash. Here's my question....Im trying to figure out the "gear reduction" of the current setup. It's taking me 4000 RPM to make the boat have forward thrust and at 8000 RPM the motor is...
  17. First time boat owner....1971 Bieselmeyer Jetboat with 460 with 550 HP

    New member Introductions
    Hello everyone, I just purchased a 71 Bieselmeyer. Have not received the boat as it is coming from CA to Fl. Boat trailer came with lifetime tags for $5600
  18. 2001 Shockwave 21LS

    Boats for Sale
    2001 Shockwave LS. Original owner, both titles in hand. 153 hours. Garage kept. Comes with all boating accessories (box anchor, sand spikes, ropes etc.). Boat is all original. Marine Power 502. Two 22gallon fuel tanks. Dual battery. Set back pump, ride plate and hydraulic place...
  19. Jetboat fiberglass Seats , where to buy ?

    Jet Boats
    Who sells these and is there an online store to compare styles etc ? I got a bench seat and want to replace with buckets