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  1. Carb Jetting Starting point ?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Dominator 1050s on a very healthy 8/71 blown 555 Traded my e85 carbs , going back to gasoline ..... lost all my old data I had written down on old tune up , but that engine was 454ci and not near what this engine is IIRC those jets were 89 squared anyone out there on gas running something...
  2. Jetting a 950 down

    GN7 On the Dyno
    How's it going. Im looking to get some advice on a 950 quick fuel carb that I just got in trade. I'm currently running a 825cfm 4165 Holley which came stock on my Hardin 454 from day one. I have since freshened it up with a 30 over bore and a comp 280h cam. I'm running logs and dual plane...
  3. Big block blower Carb jetting questions.

    PB Open Water
    Little bit of a long post. Bought boat 7 years ago? Used maybe 10 times. 21 foot v-drive hull. Boat was originally used in Shaver Lake. 5500 ft in elevation. Boat runs fine at speed but it hates to idle. Will load up and emits a lot of black smoke which blackens the back of the hull and...
  4. IDA 48 Weber Jetting Needed

    I'm hoping some one out there might have some old Weber Jetting or know some one that might have ran Weber's back in the day just kicking around that they would be willing to let go. I'm looking for Main Jets, Air Corrector Jets, Ideal Jets, Venturi/Chokes (37mm), ect. I have also posted this in...
  5. IDA-48 Carb. Jetting Needed

    Parts for Sale
    I’m looking for Jetting for the IDA-48 Weber carburetors as well as any parts and accessories that fit them. Main Jets, Air Corrector Jets, Idle Jets, Chokes Ect. Please respond to [email protected] Thanks Jay
  6. [Question] Jetting Size Input

    Jet Boats
    I'm running a somewhat mild BBC 468 with a set of Holley 660's. Currently the jets are 78 primary and 82 secondary. Last time out, checked a plug and it was pretty lean. Also noticed on top end it had a bit of "surge" is the best way to describe it. Anyways, from experience, is it recommended to...
  7. blown 572 jetting

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Ran my rayson craft this weekend and after about 5 minutes felt like it was loosing power or possibly loading up. I wasn't running it hard just crusing around checking for leaks and other things. Oil pressure is good, temp just shy of 150. I have an intercooled 14/71 with dual 1150 dominators...
  8. e 85 carb jetting

    Michigan Hot Boats
    i sent out my 1050 dominator to be converted so far i am not even close on the jetting the jets are so large now that the blocks will have to go to methanol size jet holes me and shep have been talking bout it i was just wondering if anybody else has run into this got a bunch of money tied up in...
  9. Carb jetting

    GN7 On the Dyno
    We just put together or new motor and we need to figure out the jetting. The motor is 522cuin with dart aluminum heads and roughly 9:1 compression. The cam is a custom solid roller with roughly .650 lift and 116 lobe centers. We purchased a used tunnel ram with dual 750 DP and we're running...
  10. jetting a speed demon carb

    Jet Boats
    i just recently built a 466 with dv3 heads ported with a decently big cam and 10.55 to 1 flat top pistons msd ignition. i am wanting to install a 850 vacuum secondary speed demond carb. wondering what jets i should start out with?
  11. Teague 509 blower motor jetting. Where to start suggestions? I'm real lean

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I know every motor is different but thought I would ask. I have a 28 Daytona with the teague 509. I added a new Weiand 8:71 with a superchiller and brand new Holley 750 blower carbs running 34 deg finish timing, and no vacuum leaks. The carbs came with 6.5 powervalves and 76 primaries with 86...
  12. AV Gas to 91 Octane jetting changes

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I've read enough to realize I do not want to run straight AV gas anymore. I've probably run less than 50 gallons total through this engine. I read from a GN7 post you use about 7% more fuel when running straight AV. I may still mix some AV & 91, but not much AV. Currently the engine is dialed in...
  13. Carb jetting?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I have a zz502(9.6cr) with a erson 288/296,.610 114cl cam. I am putting on a B&M 250 at around 4-6lbs on pump gas and I have a pair of aed 850 I would like to use. I know they are big but I would like them to work since i have them. What jet sizes should I start with? I plan to boost reference...
  14. Blown 540 carb jetting help

    GN7 On the Dyno
    540 inch 8.2-1 compression .650" solid roller .252/.262 @.050 broddix bb-2 heads littlefield 8-71 with intercooler 8 percent overdriven pump gas locked out distributor Dual Holley 4779 750 carbs, right now they have no power valves and are jetted 82/84, seems like its going to be lean...
  15. Holley Jetting

    GN7 On the Dyno
    This is my first time working with a Holley carb. I have a 750 vacuum secondary 4160 on a 509 bbc in a whitewater jet boat. I am making about 400-450 hp at 4400 rpm depending on what impeller chart you look at. I ran the motor at about 3300 rpm (just above cruising rpm) for 45 seconds and...
  16. Help with jetting of 500 inch big block

    Bob Teague
    I have a Chapparel with a Bowtie 500" motor with Rectangle port big valve heads and the factory dual plane with a hydraulic roller cam and it has a 500hp carb on it. I'm looking for the best jetting?
  17. Carb jetting

    GN7 On the Dyno
    i recently picked up some 750 carbs they came off of a 588ci. im assuming thats not gonna work right with my 496 10.5:1 gas motor.Can anyone help me figure out a decent jetting for these carb so i dont spin my wheels/wallet trying to achive my goal..
  18. Typical Holley Jetting?

    Jet Boats
    My Chevy 350 jet boat engine is running lean at the top end. It has a Holley 600 vacuum secondary with 66 primary jets and a metering plate with hole equal to 55 jets. It has a 2.5 power valve and a stiff plain spring on the secondaries. I have never seen a carb with smaller secondary...
  19. BBC454 Jetting Specs with Log and 800DP

    Jet Boats
    I need some baseline jetting specs for a 325 HP with Performer Intake, Holley 800DP and Log exhaust. The engine runs good but it is way rich. I got the carb from a friends race car and for the life of me forgot to look at the jets after the rebuild. Anyway, if someone can give me ball park...
  20. New Motor, Jetting Recommendations

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Just put a new combination together and wondering where to start with my jetting. Its a 572, 12:1, running a Dominator 1250 carb with both power valves blocked off, burning a combination of 1/2 pump gas and Avgas. We are at 4500 ft so I will subtract a few jet sizes from sea level elevation...