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  1. Jimmy Whiteley...nuff said

    I just have to tell a quick story....and I'm not giving details because there were too many people involved and it would muddy the story up... Let's just say there is a man named Jimmy Whiteley who stood to the pump on an 18,500.00 motor deal that went south...and after a year of ownership on...
  2. Jimmy Anderson

    Does anyone have contact info for Jimmy Anderson?
  3. Jimmy Carter believes U.S. is spying on him

    Political Rhetoric
    'I believe if I send an email, it will be monitored' The ex said, he also stated that "o" is the only pres that has never contacted him about anything. looks like even ol Jimmy don't like where we are headed, pretty strange since he was one of the first to start...
  4. Tell us how you really feel jimmy

    Political Rhetoric
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  5. As jimmy once about those

    PB Open Water
    BRUINS? Way to go guys...keep up the good work.
  6. TX-19 1986 Jimmy Johnson for sale

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    Look in WFLC section for deatails or call. 5K for hull or 7500 with two motors. Dewey 918-510-5939
  7. [For Sale] 1979 GMC JIMMY 4 x 4

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    Must see Jimmy. Engine and trans are stock. Just passed smog. New exhaust and catalyctic converter. No rust. Paint is nice and interior is in great shape. Most of under carriage is rebuilt. Has 4.88 ratio in boths diffs. Has Detroit locker in rear and posi in front. Has 3" lift kit. Has 33"...
  8. Jimmy Carter

    Political Rhetoric
    He is so off his rocker!!,he sends condolences to Kim Jong 11's Son. You Libs.may have a break on "o" being the biggest Lunatic ever.Well maybe not:)hand
  9. Jimmy Hoffa Threatens GOP!!!!!!

    Political Rhetoric
    Another classless act by the left and their financial supporters comes to light. Here's the mentality of the unions spoken right out loud just prior to the Kenyan himself taking the stage where support, not an apology followed. I guess it's better to know they are actually the enemy than beat...
  10. Jimmy Carter

    Political Rhetoric
    Going to North Korea to discuss Nukes,that idiot could not run this country what the Hell is he sticking his nose in international touchy affairs.He is a piece of work:mad:
  11. Congratulations Jimmy Carter

    Political Rhetoric
    You are no longer the worst President in History. Heard it on Hannity and had to repeat it.I remember the Carter years and they were pathetic,but this is beyond description:)sphss
  12. Jimmy Fallon! is worse than maury

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    This guy sucks ass How in the hell is he even on TV
  13. Late night with Jimmy Fallon.

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    SOOOO, I've tried to watch this twice now. The poor guy must be incredibly nervous and all....BUT he is terrible! Looks like a kid doing a home video.
  14. Congrats to Jimmy Johnson...........

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    Johnson wins third title in a row to match Yarborough Edwards wins race at Homestead, falls 69 points short By The Associated Press November 16, 2008 09:08 PM EST HOMESTEAD, Fla. -- Nothing could stop Jimmie Johnson's drive into the NASCAR record books. Not even a final, furious push by...
  15. Jimmy Johnson

    PB Open Water
    God damn!! 3rd win @ PIR tonight. 3rd consecutive Championship and a new record hopefully next weekend!!
  16. Jimmy Buffett

    Political Rhetoric
    My wife and I went to his concert last in Mountain View, CA. Mountain View is right smack dab in the middle of Dem Land but when an Obama sign flashed across the big screen, there were tons of boos. For the first time in my adult life....oh wait, that's already been said. For the first time...
  17. Jimmy Buffett in San Francisco

    PB Open Water
    I know this is Spam, but due to the short timeline on these tickets, I didn't want to see this get shoved down into the Spam section and missed.. A friend of mine called me last night and asked me if I could unload 4 tickets to the Jimmy Buffett show in San Francisco on Tuesday, Oct 21st. He...
  18. I'm ashamed to admit I voted for Jimmy Carter

    Political Rhetoric
    Back in the day I did! Though I feel he is a great humanitarion on the one hand, I feel he set the tone for a weak America IMO and Barry is set to do the same thing! I was so glad that no longer would an American sit on his hands while terrorists hijacked a plane because pacifists got us...