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  1. Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    Hey everyone, I have a 72 Sanger that I am restoring. It was mine and my dads, and he passed away a few years ago and that boat was everything to us. I am in the process of restoring it. I am a pretty big gear head but am kinda of lost when it comes to the body work. The hull of the boat is in...
  2. Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Want to thank Don (Hullshot) for a nice job on a complete motor refresh and adding the Whipple to the old 240 Hallett. The old girl still looks pretty good. I'm talking about the boat guys ;) She runs like a dream with the EFI. A nice low idle for smooth shifting and good power throughout...
  3. Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    I want to do this sometime in the future since I've done everything else to restore this 1994 Lavey. I'm just over the mid 90's pin stripped getup... To repaint this boat or re-gel coat it(not sure the exact process) what am I looking at for a simple all white, keeping the black dash as it is...
  4. Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    i just painted my boat on friday i did the base coat whitch is white no hardner on saturday i painted trim around the whole boat the color is mandarin lobster red no hardner i have clear that i have yet to do as i dont like the colors theres to much white.i need to add some other colors but i...
  5. PB Open Water
    B&D Marine Performance is looking for an extra set of hands at their facility in El Monte, CA. Here's what they are after: Punctual Good mechanical knowledge and understanding Honest Hard working Reliable Good attitude Willing to learn and grow Must have transportation and current Ca. drivers...
  6. GN7 On the Dyno
    I will let TN have the honor with the details tell but I must say that his engine is the 2nd best 496 that I have ever had the pleasure of putting a Straub camshaft in
  7. Midwest
    We are looking for a cylinder head specialist. Spread the word. Moritz Machine Tulsa
  8. PB Open Water
    I am looking to hire 2 people for full time positions. I run a high end street rod/muscle car shop in Corona and I'm looking for 2 fabricators/repair techs that are driven to build one off high end street cars and have the ability to think on their own. You must be able to TIG weld basic...
  9. Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    I'm not trying to cut any corners but why have a 6" mess when you can have a 2-1/2"mess:bangmyhead: Please advise what not to do. My cap doesnt line up very good with transom.I don't want to glass all the way up to top of cap, going to try and blend the hump in the best I can. Hence the small...
  10. Midwest
    Don't know enough about the state, but either way we are leaving Il. Two job offers, one to take us back to Ca. and the other to a new adventure in Texas
  11. Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    Well winter is fast approaching and I made it through the summer with my rough paint on my jet boat. It was going to get repainted mid July but I seized the motor at Elsinore and tore up the bottom end of the engine. SO, now that winter is here and the boat budget is back in the green area I...
  12. PB Open Water
    Thought I would post this to help out a boater. Machinist is needed . CNC work, short runs ,5 years plus exp. Haas mill- programmer, plus fixture builder, Bridgeport mill and engine lathe exp. This will be top $ for the right person."not a learning position". San Dimas area , Send me a pm if any...
1-12 of 92 Results