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  1. John Koskinen

    Political Rhetoric
    I have one question, why does John Koskinen still have a job? They were talking about impeaching him for the last year and yet Trump could do it in a second but has not. WHY?
  2. [SOLD] New 18' john miller All wood flatbottom boat for sale

    Boats for Sale
    all wood boat with the hull and deck completely finished and painted and underwater gear strut, whipstrut, rudderlog, upper rudder support, fins, water pickup,shaftlog, Steering rack/cable, and S.S cavitation plate and assy complete with pillow blocks, and turnbuckles. I will build the deck and...
  3. Big Thanks To MR. John Avery

    Just wanted to say thanks for your help at pateros last weekend. My boat never ran so good. Thank You! Jeff PS35
  4. John Beals...........

    John Beals of Phoenix passed away this past week! Don't know how many of you knew him but he was one of the finest people I've ever worked with............ I first met John in Desert Boat and Ski Club, later having him drive the SK-50 in several races. I'm sorry for his passing, he'll be missed...
  5. Jihadi John MEMES

    Political Rhetoric
    The Japs aren't backing down! Japan fights back at Jihadi John with MEMES | Daily Mail Online
  6. Don't trust John Hart

    I have put off posting this thread because I know what they usually turn into but I wish someone had warned me about John. Short version is he wanted an injector I have listed. We exchanged address's and agreed I would ship out injector and he would mail a check. If I didn't know his brother...
  7. [For Sale] 1946 Model M John Deer Tractor

    Other Stuff for Sale
    My dad wants to sell his tractor. It has a hitch in the back. $3K It hasn't ran for about a year, but when he parked it in the garage, it was running. Front left tire is a flat
  8. J&S Machine/ John Keller Racing Engines

    PB Open Water
    Has any of you Vegas folks, heard of John Keller and J&S machine shop, or John Keller racing engines? I visited their shop today, to look at a crank, and check out their shop to possibly do work on my block. They look like a respectable shop, just have never heard of them before.
  9. John Kerry's Facelift

    Political Rhetoric
    I thought he looked different!!! :shock: John Kerry Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos: Botox, Face-Lift, Facial fillers, Brow Lift and Nose job
  10. Ultra23, John D, Slayer

    Jet Boats
    Do the right thing> Denounce your BGJ record.
  11. John Robinson RIP

    Just learned through Facebook that John Robinson owner of Coldfire in Australia has passed. RIP
  12. John McCain

    Political Rhetoric
    he gets more crazy by the day.:))ThumbsDwn
  13. John McCain

    Political Rhetoric
    I have been saying for a long time that he is out of touch,but this never ending rant on Rahn Paul is embarassing and is disgraceful for the State and people of Arizona. I have not heard on person defend this senile past his time dip shit.I understand Ms Understood will ,but that is birds of a...
  14. RIP John O'Hara

    Jet Boats
    John lost his battle with lung cancer last night. Godspeed my friend.
  15. Happy Birthday Lefty - John Perino

    Happy B-Day Ol' Man. :))THumbsUp
  16. Happy B Day ............ Farmer John

    Jet Boats
    happy b day JOHN ... hope testing went well this morning .. good luck at the world finals. :happy:
  17. John McCain

    Political Rhetoric
    For some reason FOX and Hannity thinks he is a viable interview:hmmm: He is a disgust,could not even run a Campaign from Start to finish. I assume wanted the $'s and sucking off that, and his Wife's$ :))ThumbsDwn His OPINION is IRRELEVANT!!:))ThumbsDwn
  18. John Lennon

    PB Open Water
    I am on the older music kick lately and listened to Lennon this afternoon while driving.I was never a great fan of his when with the Beatles,but later in life wrote and performed incredible music. Beautiful Boy!! If you are a Father of a Boy,wanted a Boy or want a boy!! This is your song.I Love...
  19. John McCain ?

    Political Rhetoric
    Why do the networks interview him and ask his opinion? He did not even run a Legitimate Campaign for President,but sure has many opinions and advice.:))ThumbsDwn
  20. John West is back with Ultra

    PB Open Water
    Ultra Engineering is out there in SD making it happen for construction crews. My son Blair went to work for him this week making $25 an hour. Thanks John.