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  1. Propellers
    Need OJ 589 3 blade for my V-drive. Thanks, any help would be welcome.
  2. Parts for Sale
    Warren Johnson Pro Stock Motor 500Ci Aluminum DRCE Pro stock motor. Don’t get confused by the Oldsmobile, this thing is a chevy DRCE Heads ported by EPD Kinsler Stack EFI injection Mercury Ignition and cpu Jessel timing Belt Oliver 4130 Rods Diamond pistons All roller Shaft rockers Callies...
  3. Outboards
    Hi all. I have a small 16 ft center console boat with Johnson 48 SPL 1996 2-cyl motor. Last nigh I was overtaking a bigger boat and got stock on the peak of that boat's wake for a few seconds. I guess the motor was out of the water for that time. After I passed the boat my motor started acting...
  4. Outboards
    I just bought a 1978 Glastron Carlson cvx 20 and it came with a 1994 Johnson 175 ocean runner when i first went to look at the boat i looked in great shape the guy even started it up and let it run for me he put it in gear and rev it up it sounded great and the "pisser" was shooting out a good...
  5. Outboards
    Does anyone know if a Sea Star Pro HC5348 cylinder will work on a 1998 Johnson 200hp? The manual says to use the HC5345 cylinder with this motor, but I switched from a 1989 Johnson 200 (which takes the 5348) to this '98 Johnson. My current cylinder only has about an hour or so use on it. Looks...
  6. Outboards
    Does anyone have the hookup on this? I need a Primary pinion bearing for the lower on a 1867 40hp Johnson outboard. Numbers on the Torrington bearing are AG28493. HELP!
  7. Parts for Sale
    540 cu in, Dart alum block, Callies, GRP, Comp cam, Oldsmobile heads, sheetmetal intake, 871 super charger, carbon fiber hat, dry sump system, MSD 20amp ignition. $22000.00 Gary Stevenson Creswell, OR (541) 744-6206 Work
  8. Parts for Sale
    I'm looking for a Johson 75hp stinger or evinrude hustler with the 15" short shaft. Not the 15" with the "club foot". If you have one that you would part with, pm me or respond to post. Thanks
  9. Outboards
    I just picked up a Johnson stinger 75hp with the 20" shaft. Is it possible to convert it to a 15" shaft? I know it's not the bad a$$ stinger. But I'm hoping it will do for now. It's going on a 12'6" daytona sprint. Thanks in advance. ttown
  10. Outboards
    My Dad has a 2002 Johnson outboard, 40 hp, four stroke, fuel injected, on his pontoon. It idles fine, but as soon as you throttle it up it dies. It has a check engine light on. Any one know how to go about diagnosing it? He had his "mechanic" check it out and he said everything fuel and...
  11. Parts for Sale
    Off a 1983 230 v-6. Painted solid white last summer, needs new rubber seal. Motor is gone. Also have the box for the wiring. $150 for both.
  12. Outboards
    Need some advice/info from anyone that knows OMC's. I have the option of purchasing either a rebuilt 1998 Johnson 200 hp or a rebuilt 1989 Johnson GT 200 hp for the same price. The '98 is just a basic rebuild of the powerhead but the '89 has a lot more done to it including blueprinting (and I...
  13. Jet Boats
    Im looking for david johnson who bought water lines from me for jet headers. Please message me asap about the water lines
  14. V-Drives
    Does anyone have any info or maybe even contact info for "Crazy" Charlie Johnson? He drove an UGH (Hondo XH-1 I think) out of Dallas in the late 80's-early 90's. He had 3 boats in 3 different classes and drove them all. He crashed the XH-1 in 92-93ish. I believe he owned a crane company called...
  15. Parts for Sale
    Painted all white in 7/2012. Needs new bottom seal to be perfect. $200 plus the ride.
  16. Outboard Church
    Hey guys I have a 01 Johnson 225 on a 23' Stealth and I was wondering short of Different props,Lower unit and Jackplates what mods can be done to the engine to make more power and speed.Thanks.
  17. Boats for Sale
    Look in WFLC section for deatails or call. 5K for hull or 7500 with two motors. Dewey 918-510-5939
1-17 of 44 Results