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  1. V-Drives
    OK Guys and Lou II, I have a friend that has a old Lavey K-Boat called "Fire Power" 392 Chizzler Powered with Twin GB Turbos................. California boat, anyone remember this boat?
  2. V-Drives
    I need to fabricate a Blower Belt shroud for a Carbureted, cam driven water pump, K-Boat. I could use some pictures. Also, what is the most commonly used material? Aluminum or Stainless? Thanks in advance.
  3. V-Drives
    Mike Stock's K-999 set 2 records over the weekend and Duff set the 1/4 mile GN record and upped the GN Kilo record. K-999 1/4 mile record 152.9 mph average K-999 Kilo record 149.8 mph 2 way average
  4. V-Drives
    K-boat grudge match Both NRI k-boats are excpected to due battle in a grudge match set for Friday afternoon, K69, driven by Tony Scarlatta, and K-24 driven by Steve Sequiera, both boats running Paul Phaff power, should be a great race, both boats are...
  5. Parts for Sale
    PM or text me if you have some for sale 626-991-2129 eric sperry so cal canyon lake
  6. V-Drives
    So far: K-711 K-66 K-955 K-124 K-24 K-69 :))THumbsUp:))THumbsUp:))THumbsUp am I missing anybody?
  7. Parts for Sale
    New set of Bassett Zoomies. $500.00 Plus the ride. Contact Parks Jones 704-361-1523 [email protected]
  8. V-Drives
    K-boats, Racing in ChandlerOnce again we are happy to anounce the K-boats are returning again to run with the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Series. We also have a great class lined up for this event, with a boat count of up to 7 it should be a great show, and big thanks to the sponsers that supported our...
  9. Boats for Sale
    1987 Revenge K-Boat 2013 APBA National High Point Champion Fresh Pfaff Engine (dyno time only) Krazy Kolors Custom Paint GT Performance/Prime Marine Custom Installation Custom Ellis Road or Dolly Trailer Never Crashed or Damaged Ready to win Burley and Long Beach $65,000.00 Call Tom (951)...
  10. V-Drives
    K-711 K-999 K-124 K-24 K-69-??? (If anyone can get it together, they can :yes:) K-??? (can't remeber your boat number Brent :duh:)
  11. Boats for Sale
    Spitfire k boat for sale this boat is immaculate everything brand new fresh 392 Chrysler hemi one run on motor to get tuned in brand new paint all the rigging is there all stainless braided lines 4 port hilborn injector hat 671 mooneyham blower just gone threw by wright way blower service new...
  12. V-Drives
    Here is a link for a Go-pro video of some NRKA testing we did last weekend on the Spitfire K-boat. Thanks to Greg Duff for the video!!!! k 72 - YouTube
  13. V-Drives
    What is the most common gear in the v-drive in most KRR's?
  14. V-Drives
    Wow! I raced my K for the first time at Lake Ming last weekend. What a thrill, I had a blast. I got to meet all the drivers in the class and a couple other from some other classes. Everyone I meet was really nice and it's a great group of people involved in boat racing. I really want to thank...
  15. V-Drives
    Seems like there should be a good K-Boat showing for Long Beach just wanted to see who is running for sure since Ross's thread kinda got butchered :))THumbsUp:))THumbsUp K-034 is in for sure :cool:
  16. Boats for Sale
    Connolly Cruiser SELL or Trade for K-boat? Anyone interested in trading your K boat for my Connolly Cruiser?
  17. V-Drives
    Looking for 80's K-boat cockpit cover pictures I am working on one of the the old Hobbit K-boats, it comes with the snaps for a 80's style cockpit cover. I am looking for some pictures to see if we can get one of those covers reproduced. Chuck has these cover for several years, I remember Bill...
  18. V-Drives
    How many K's are running at blue water this weekend?
  19. V-Drives
    Coming soon :))THumbsUp:))THumbsUp:))THumbsUp
1-19 of 30 Results