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  1. Anybody seen Redneck? (Kenny)

    Gray Water Storage
    Has anybody seen Redneck since hooked up with the Hot Blond with the big Boobs?(Tina):stir:.......I have and all he can do is stare at her big boobs...he is so in awe that he can't even have a shot...We're sitting here having drinks and she's all over him:wow:.. we got her talked into pastie's...
  2. Kenny Wilcoxson

    Kenny sufferd a heart attack this evening, he was taken to the hospital and is currently undergoing surgery, I know he has alot of friends on here im sure that are thoughts and prayers will be with him tonight. Get well soon Kenny
  3. Please help if you can re: Kenny Mcintosh

    I am doing research on Kenny McIntosh. He drove several drag boats back in the late 60's to 1974 when he had his accident. I ran with Kenny back in high school and after for a while. Kenny went Drag Boat racing and I went Midget circle track racing. We lost track with each other and then in 1974...
  4. A Beer for Kenny (Trimman)

    PB Open Water
    4/10 marks the anniversary of his passing, anyone wishing to join me in sharing a "silver bullet" with Kenny, please meet at his memorial in the channel at 6pm
  5. Kenny Bernstein retires-Mr. 300 MPH

    PB Open Water
    NHRA Story » Kenny Bernstein retires from NHRA Drag Racing
  6. Our Friend Kenny AKA Trimman

    PB Open Water
    Kennys Memorial was on the front page of todays paper! Miss you Brother!!