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  1. Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    I'm not sure but I think I saw Bob Mckenna out playing with his whacker ...................... boat. :happy:
  2. PB Open Water
    Wonder Kid and Google 9/15/2016 Some eleven plus years ago when we were newbie boaters we went to the same spot then the same two spots boating almost every weekend. It's understandable because with a young family you want to feel comfortable and familiar with your surroundings but I feel if...
  3. PB Open Water
    LAKE HAVASU CITY, Ariz. (AP) - A Lake Havasu City man is dead after being shot by police following a domestic dispute. Police say officers were called to a home late Sunday night. They say 20-year-old Devin Christopher Scott allegedly caused a disturbance at a home where his girlfriend, his...
  4. Tow Vehicles, Cars and Parts
    She doesnt have much do to the fact there willing to spend 5k on a travel trailer..her new hubby prefers ford truck xlt must be v8 or v6 so they can tow such trailer with dependability.............anybody have a older truck they would have there kid drive..I JUST BOUGHT THEM A NEWER HONDA CRV...
  5. Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Devin spent the holiday weekend on New Melones Lake and came upon this boat. Anyone know the history?
  6. Outdrives
    I have a 1984 Webbcraft Dynasty with an old Mercruiser outdrive, I do not know what they call the outdrive I have, but it is the one before the Alpha. The boat has an odd noise when I started it for the first time this year. I think it may be the gimbal bearing going bad, but I am not sure. I...
  7. PB Open Water
    I'm not that talented computer-wise, but I just saw a 4+ minute video of a track that is beyond anything anyone else has ever tried; Someone please go to Youtube and search "Most insane howheel track.." and post it here.
  8. PB Open Water
    Hi. Have a young neighbor boy that has taken to trap shooting. He is very good and will stick up for your 2nd amd rights as well. He like weapons and is very well versed for his age. This group he is in has produced many World Class Shooters. If you could send a couple of bucks so he could buy a...
  9. V-Drives
    Looks like it won by watching the video all the way to the end. Just nice to see the boat Gordone, My dad and I put together is the only one that is hooked up twards the end of the race. Well Richard originally built this boat along with Jimmy Anderson. Credit to the driver for figuring it out...
  10. PB Open Water
    OK, so this video is produced (shot & edited) by a close family friend and he is only 21 yrs old. Kid's name is Jami Pellegrino. The video is about is father, owner of GenRight OffRoad. This is just one of many pieces of work he has done. I am so damn proud of him I had to post. Enjoy...
  11. V-Drives
    Well my son entered the boat in his schools 15th annual Hot Rod show .......... and won the recreational class :partyguy: Anyway here are a few pics of the boat .... this is phase one. This coming winter we'll start on phase two, it's been a lotta work but a ton of fun :D
  12. PB Open Water
    *** MISSING CHILD *** 9 Yr Old Male Jason Scott attends Jamaica Elementary, rides black BMX bike to/from school, did not return home today. Described as brown eyes, blond hair, black shirt & pants. Call Dispatch at 855-4111 with information. got this from havasu scanner feed facebook
  13. PB Open Water
    I had every "Odd Rods" card from every series, and they did several (in a style obviously inspired by Big Daddy Roth). My favorite is the first of these (top left)...and only the smartest among you can offer an explanation as to why that is!
  14. PB Open Water
    I had every "Odd Rods" card from every series, and they did several (in a style obviously inspired by Big Daddy Roth). My favorite is the first of these (top left)...and only the smartest among you can offer an explanation as to why that is!
  15. PB Open Water
    Central California is not quite a "hockey hot-bed"... lol. I have no idea why, but we took my son to a hockey game when he was 5 or so, and he just dug it. Watched every shift and never squirmed around or got impatient. From that point on, if hockey was on tv, he stopped and watched...
  16. PB Open Water
    So my boy finally got his first boat today. Top speed 40 mph were going to try and bump that up to 50+ later on. Taking it out on the water for it's first time later tonight. I hope he doesn't destroy it on its maiden voyage. He just turned 10 today and I told him to take it slow, you don't want...
  17. PB Open Water
    If you guys have a minute, click on the link and throw a vote for little Hagen, my wife is determined to make this kid a star :D thanks guys/gals
  18. ATV, Offroad, Dirt Bikes
    Kid got good grades this year so I am looking for a quad for him. Whatcha got? Would rather buy from a board member. Do not want it to be to old. Say 2000 and up. Prefer a 4 stroke. Thanks
  19. PB Open Water
    my 16 yr old daughter needs some seroius surgury that will take around 4 hrs very dangerous and i cant stop crying it will be on the following mon not this first off im baiging for prayers right now just for her to be well and all goes safe....i love her more then my own life and would...
  20. PB Open Water
    Just saw this on Fox , You tube took this down , Schoolyard Bullies Bullies beware Worth the watch ! - Schoolyard Smackdown - Bully Meets His Match