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  1. I hear they have Killer Eggs Benedict @ Sam's

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Sam's Anchor Cafe, Tiburon, CA :wink2:
  2. *** killer deal ***

    Parts for Sale
    Complete Blower Setup Going to sell my complete blower setup. Tall deck Intake, 8-71 Littlefield blower, Enderle Buzzard injection hat, 80A fuel pump, 14mm pulleys,Kevlar belt, idler bracket, crank hub, and zoomies. Call 6267867779 Nick
  3. Going to play it like a Liberal - OBAMA KILLS COP! HE'S A COP KILLER

    Political Rhetoric
    Motorcycle officer in Obama motorcade killed in collision | Fox News Obama influenced the death of this officer, he is fully responsible. He is a cop killer. Just playing the same cards as the left, that is all... :rolleyes:
  4. Vacation killer flights to Canadian Rockies/Calgary

    PB Open Water
    I have a place in Canmore, Alberta, near Baniff basically on the Bow River. So I know the cost of flying. Westjet flies from most major west coast airports to Calgary and beyond. Westjet is basically the Southwest Airlines of Canada. And YES, they fly daily non stop from John Wayne!!!! They...
  5. Hot chick takes out killer Lambo-Video

    PB Open Water
    Click on the bottom video with the hot chick in black in the Lambo. this is the new Lambo M, so wicked... Meet Optimus, a Monstrous Dodge Ram 3500 Truck with 1,200HP and Over 2,000 lb-ft - Carscoop
  6. Mitt is a serial killer ad

    Political Rhetoric
    Wow, When even the Jokers and Jesters are buying ad time you know our political system is doomed.....I wonder what his anti-Gingrich ad will be about ? Thanks to the conservative Supreme Court 'Citizens United" ruling the elections are now just big money fueled shows with seriously corrupted...
  7. The New 475 "Pickle Nasty"...aka the "Red Pearl Killer"

    Jet Boats
    i hear a rumor its going in the mold tomorrow!!!!
  8. biesemeyer jet killer deal

    Boats for Sale
    not mine and dont know the guy but i looks to be a good deal..... Biesemyer Jet Boat
  9. Killer Elite

    PB Open Water
    I just saw a trailer for a new movie,based on a true story opening Friday starring Robert De Niro.I am going to give it a try looks good.
  10. Killer weekend at Mead.

    PB Open Water
    Partied first class with old friends and met really cool new friends. Feasted upon charred mammoflesh often kept warm on the manifold of the yellow 2750. Demonstrated repeatedly (with glee) vulgar displays of power. No one got hurt. Thanks to Kevin Briggs and the Camires, and My friend...
  11. Hit and Run Killer???

    PB Open Water
    Did they ever find the asshole that killed the guy/girl on the jet ski a couple of years ago? I believe he /they were in a Fountain...
  12. Killer Go-Cart

    PB Open Water
    Man this would be a blast to drive. YouTube - KART 900 HONDA CBR 900 RR part 2
  13. Killer whale devours GREAT white shark on video outside San Francisco

    PB Open Water
    This is incredible video. Killer whale devours great white shark |
  14. Killer one of a kind security gates

    Other Stuff for Sale
    I bought these for a project and went a different direction. They were only up for about a year with no openers. Just strapped open or closed. They are VERY heavy and have great detail. 8'wide by 9'tall. I paid $10k a set for them install. Im selling them for $6000 a set or $11000...
  15. Killer Whale Yacht

    PB Open Water This is pretty unique...and very expensive :) Roln 20s
  16. Chump Killer

    Jet Boats
    We have a new Frying Pan that can`t wait to line up with Mr Fry! Here is the new owner telling us what is going to happen to the chump I heard something about a slowburn too, Memorial Day ought to be fun!
  17. Killer looking Skater spotted in TN.....

    PB Open Water
    I was driving up in Portland when this HUGE Skater on a tilt trailer crossed in front of us heading down the road..... Awesome graphics..... reds and greys....pulled by a white Ford duelly..... just wondering what its doing in a po-dunk town like Portland..... anyone know whos it is?????
  18. Killer new onboard video

    Jet Boats
    Assorted race stuff, even the boss hookin a sponson and ending up in the bushes :D
  19. Killer day here @ Saguaro

    West Coast - South
    Holding it down for the East Side. Nice water, no crowds. Not even at the restaurant.
  20. New Billet boarding step...looks killer!!

    PB Open Water
    There is a new retract/locking boarding step on the market...Next Step in Ontario builds it...looks trick as hell (same concept as Aquastep but all billet) Owner is Rich 909-224-3994 Next Step will be at the LA Show; Space #406...tell him Billy B. sent ya...