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  1. The End of Kilrtoy....

    PB Open Water
    Well, it's with sad news (or great news on how you look at it) Kilrtoy has put his DCB up for sale(:)eek(:)...he's had it in storage for the past 2 years. He finally fiqured out that we rather see Yvonne out in the boat than him.(even though his DCB was mainly a channel lurker) Life was not the...
  2. Hey Kilrtoy- Have You?

    PB Open Water
    Ever seen a biker this crazy?. Unreal, I get nervous just watching this guy. He's crazy, right?.:))ThumbsDwn
  3. Paging kilrtoy

    PB Open Water
    Hey Miguel, enjoying watching the game?? Usc 50 ---ucla how USC was sporting the southern division champs shirts bad no bowl for them but just wanted to tell you.........UCLA sucks.....btw ..i have a " i love USC" shirt for you to wear at the boat show! Happy holidays...
  4. Kilrtoy

    PB Open Water
    Just watched Party Heat! NICE!!!:D
  5. Would you like it if someone were to call out Kilrtoy and really work him over?

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    I'm trying to help the overseers get a handle on what people would like to see in this form.
  6. Mrs. Kilrtoy Graduates

    PB Open Water
    Mrs. Kilr received her Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt today
  7. Have you guys figured out Kilrtoy, yet?

    PB Open Water
    I'll bet most haven't. I'm deadly serious when I say he's one of the nicest guys here. Over the years it's been fun to watch Kilr try to figure out why people respond so negatively to his posts. Really, I don't think he has any idea. Meanwhile, a few people seem to dislike Miguel for no...
  8. the kilrtoy late nite remarks show...

    PB Open Water
    every weeknight live here on starting at 11pm... you can ask questions and get almost immediate responses... but be prepared, you may not be able to handle the responses... 18 and over only please... ask away...
  9. Happy Birthday Mrs. Kilrtoy

    PB Open Water
    Today She Turns 35 WOW How Time Flies !
  10. Kilrtoy

    Gray Water Storage
    Please call me ASAP I have something urgent to talk to you about thanks.. Oh FYI its code 3
  11. Happy Birthday Kilrtoy!

    PB Open Water
    I know I'm early...maybe even a month late...;) But I thought I send some wishes your way and who knows, get to see some pictures from last weekends fun! I had a really nice time this past weekend and it was sooooo great to see you all after so long. I couldn't believe all the awesome food...
  12. Kilrtoy

    PB Open Water
    Even My inner circle of friends, had no clue about this incident! Most of you will not understand this, And I know this. A few of you, will. In the 62 year history of my department I am only the second to ever earn this MEDAL
  13. Kilrtoy

    PB Open Water
    Just curious if anyone has heard from Miguel. It's not like him to stay away for so long
  14. Kilrtoy: The early years?

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