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  1. Kim Jong

    Political Rhetoric
    OK, Now he's supposed to have tested the H-Bomb.....Every country in NATO has some type of Seal Team, Special Forces.......Why don't they all send in a squad.....Take out the top 3 or 4 and no one takes the credit.........Fat Boy is over and done with.....This Lunatic will use what he...
  2. Kim Jong-un

    Political Rhetoric
    Nuc or just take him out....I say get rid of the little pimple!
  3. Kim Jong-un calls for execution of 33 Christians

    Political Rhetoric
    Source:Kim Jong-un calls for execution of 33 Christians - Washington Times North Korea tyrant Kim Jong-un has reportedly ordered that 33 Christians believed to be working alongside South Korean Baptist missionary Kim Jung-wook be put to death. The South Korean missionary — who was arrested...
  4. Kim Jong II dead

    Political Rhetoric
    Another piece of shit dead.. I wonder how big of an asshole his son will be.
  5. boohoooooo, lil kim has cancer,lol

    Political Rhetoric
    :)devil seems lil kim is on his way to meet his maker, thank god:)devil North Korea's authoritarian leader Kim Jong Il is suffering from pancreatic cancer and is not expected to live more than five years, a news report said, the latest speculation to emerge about his health after he reportedly...
  6. Todd Haig and Kim Lumley win the Catalina Ski Race Again!

    PB Open Water
    America's Todd Haig and Britains Kim Lumley win the Catalina Ski Race this morning. They've both won it before several times. They're the best! Keith Sayre Nordic Boats
  7. A Kim Gregory Tribute Slide Show

    This was emailed to me a while ago...I just finally was able to sit down and watch it...Don't know if you knew the man, but this is just a tidbit of what we did as a family. Great shots of George Stratton driving the Appian Jeronimo sponsored boat of ours. Davey B at the end....Just an all...
  8. Little Kim just fired off 4 more short range missiles, get ready 4 more

    PB Open Water
    Little Kim just shot off 4 short range missiles (roughly a 60 mile range)....This little man needs to hire MJackson's doctors for some sleep assistance......:D
  9. Kim Jong Il

    PB Open Water
    Breaks my heart... stroke??
  10. Happy Birthday Kim Hanson

    PB Open Water
    Officially. ;) Have a fun time with your special combo, Sugar. :)grn