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  1. Another what kind of v-drive

    Picture on another site of a runner bottom where the air trap abruptly starts in the front. If anyone should know it would be on this site. Any ideas? It was suggested it might be a Hondo, but there seemed to be some question.
  2. [SOLD] Some kind of jet boat

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    1981 earl smith jet boat-18'6"-$4000 [B]​I really don't know a lot about boats...I bought a runner bottom to try my hand at racing this summer and I also bought this jet boat to use just as a putt putt run around the lake boat but I think I will just concentrate on the Hondo runner bottom and...
  3. [Question] Any body know what kind of boat this is

    He says it's a Spectra splashed and rigged by D'Cucci The nose looks to pointy to be a Spectra. I'm interested but would like to know a little more. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Howard Cruiser What Kind of Carpet works Best?

    I have this 82 Howard cruiser. It has some red shag carpet from 82 in it. The carpet is very faded. I know they make carpet dye. Maybe that would work but im wondering where you buy carpet for a boat. Will just outdoor rug work?
  5. What kind of boat, where and any history?

  6. What kind of flatbottom do I have

    Got this a while back has a home made title. small block,hallcraft rigging lindell strut.Fixed cavition plate.
  7. What Kind Of Boat Is This? HELP PLEASE!!!!

    West Coast - South
    ok so my girl has this boat at her river house an we are thinking of fixing it up.. any suggestions on who makes this boat? or if it they are even any good? thanks in advance!!!
  8. What kind of boat is this?

  9. what kind of flattie?

    Some pics were posted on another forum, circa 1961, from the old Fremont Ca dragstrip that at one time had a boat dragstrip right along side its asphalt brother. We use to drive up to the car dragstrip but that's for another forum. One of the boats caught my eye with it's beautiful bubble...
  10. What kind of boat?

    i was at precision craft marine in fairfild the other day and saw the owners day cruiser v driver there. does any one know what kind of boat that is? that thing was insane and sounded nasty. i have never seen a vdrive that big?
  11. Anyone know what kind if disc for sanding glass?

    PB Open Water
    My wife has been cutting wine bottles to make into candles and is looking for a faster way to grind/sand the edges after cutting. She has been wet sanding them by hand but it takes a while. Is there a disc I could buy for my hand grinder that would do this quickly?
  12. 1981 holiday MANSION BARACUDA one of a KIND MUST SELL

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    This boat has been totally remolded has 3/4 inch Cherry Merlot Flooring with aluminum oxide coating retails8.00 sq ft Walls and ceiling are cedar tongue and groove 2011 Norcold 4 door Propane refg Supersize retails 3k 2011 Kenmore Convetion Microwave Oven. Ret. 795 Magic chef 4burner propane...
  13. Under 23' 1976 Sanger Runner Bottom "one of a kind and very fast"

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    Special New Price Options: Still available 1976 Sanger Runner Bottom. One of a kind formally Rick Williams K-99 Trojan Ghost Circle Boat. Has a 18'3" hull with a 4 Bolt 427 BBC motor with over 680 hp. Has Tunnel Ram 660's with Magneto, Gill Headers, 10 degree Casale v-drive w/18 degree gears...
  14. [Question] Anybody know what kind of boat this is?

    I found something in the 630+ pages of Wild V-Drives which led me to a sight where I read some history about Jack Keaton and his boats. I found a pic that says it is Jack in one of the first boats he owned, (if I remember correctly). I thought it was a cool pic so I kept it. There was no mention...
  15. What kind of animal are you today?

    PB Open Water
    Today I am a honey badger because I could not be a rabbit last night :mad:
  16. My kind of woman

    Off the Water
  17. Our kind of practical family boat...

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  18. One of a kind 1966 all wood Patterson Flatbottom

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    If you are looking for a truly one-off Classic flatbottom...Here it is! This Patterson is all original with a Holman/Moody Medium Riser 427. Engine has M/T marine parts, a H/M intake with matching number carbs and a Beehive cooler. It is the ONLY wooden Patterson flatbottom(of which there were...
  19. What kind of Boat is this?

    PB Open Water
    Can anyone kindly give me the details on this boat? Thanks.