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  1. V-Drives
    need rick kings # if any buddy has it thanks
  2. V-Drives
  3. PB Open Water
    Anybody watch Farm Kings? It's about a farming family with 9 boys in Pennsylvania. I liked it at first but now feel the family is a little wierd. The mom is way too close to her 9 sons. Dad is nowhere to be found.
  4. V-Drives
    July 13th, 2013 Kings River Kingsburg, CA at Club Royal Oak 4th Annual Flat Bottom Boogie Boat Show & Fly By’s 39700 Road 28, Kingsburg CA 93631 559.897.0351 [email protected] July 13, 2013 11am to 2pm Fly By Demonstrations $$$ Prize Awarded!!! NO Entry Fee (LTD entry to 50...
  5. PB Open Water
    No not the prez or the politicians. Any one glad, hockey is back on, tired of watching basketball. They kind of sucked the last few games, but hope they turn it around. It's early in the season. But it will go fast and they need to start winning.
  6. Boats for Sale
    Up for rent is a beautiful kings view condo in lake havasu. This condo has been completely remodeled. Everything in it is new. From beds, bedding, couches, artwork, etc. Owner spent 1000's refurnishing. Kings view condos are located right on the water. You literally walk steps to the beach...
  7. PB Open Water
    Not many teams have gone 6-0 in playoff's. Kings give Coyotes a winning view of their road show -
  8. V-Drives
    So who's in? This weekend. Should be a good turnout from what I am told.
  9. NorCal
    anyone going for the vdrive regatta thinking of going saturday
  10. PB Open Water
    I have been around boating all my life in this area and never gone to the kings river/riverland, thinking about going now that i have my own boat, who else around here goes, anygood advise? Where do you launch? Drove by last night on the 99 and saw some nice boats floating!!! Maybe this weekend?
  11. V-Drives
    There is a v-drive gathering this coming up weekend for those of you that have not heard. They are saying approx 40 flatties. Should be a good time. I will be in site 5 come by and have a cold one. Jason
  12. PB Open Water
    We are staying at the Kingsview this weekend, I don't want to get a ticket so i always pull the boat out at night, every time I take it out few boats stay on the beach over night without getting a ticket. how often do they patrol & ticket,how much is the fine. I know the night I leave it in the...
  13. V-Drives
    Ladies and gentlemen and Maximus, Today is the Real Kboat Kings 50th birthday!! Happy Birthday little fella!! :D
  14. PB Open Water
    I am interested in staying in the Kings View condos - however I have not stayed there before nor do I know anybody who has... A couple of questions: 1) can you legaly keep your boat in the water at the beach in front of the condos over night? 2) I'm guessing we have a few board members...
  15. Jet Boats
    anyone ride the kings river, central cali???
  16. PB Open Water
    on right now, go ducks...lets hear it you king fans..:p
  17. V-Drives
    I will be at Kings River 3rd to 13th at lindys I have a blue and silver Barron Sprint there will be about 6 other flatties up there. If anyone is going to be up there come by and say Hi:)hand Or stop in for a cold one. Have a good 4th everyone:)devil Be safe.
1-18 of 23 Results