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  1. Krazy Kolors Express...

    Went by Billy's today and the project is nearing completion...this is a one of a kind, bad ass job by the whole crew...It is truly amazing.. The best part is Billy's new name...:The Fertile Turtle"...fits him like OJ's gloves..
  2. Krazy Kolors T-Shirts

    Ordered up some new t-shirts for pops. Will have them on sale during the needles trip this weekend. PM me if you'd like to order one. Will post a pic when I get to an actual computer.
  3. Krazy kolors !!!! By Billy.B

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work! The boat looks great, still can't believe you matched the paint like you did. For the people that may be interested in using Krazy kolors and feel they may be outta there price range this is not the case. Billy was very fair, competitively...
  4. Krazy Kolors projects

    May 28th 2009. Kenny Larsens Biesemeyer.
  5. Krazy Kolors Hard At Work

  6. Krazy Kolors goes mobile to paint Done Flippin's new boat!

    Had to go to Long Beach yesterday to help Billy put the finishing touches on Scotty's new boat...Didn't get to see him, but as we were leaving 2 "friends" of his showed up. One "fella" told us he was VERY close to Scotty and hoped that he would show up soon because the 3 of them were going to...
  7. Krazy Kolors strikes again

    I don't know whats got into Billy, but he's cranking out the paint jobs left and right lately! This was the green and yellow Codling/Gibson boat. Its now owned by Ron Jones aka Mark McCormick. :D Billy's top secret clear.
  8. I snapped some pics at Krazy Kolors today.

    Pretty normal day over there....