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  1. North Korea...... and Trump isn't fukin around!

    Political Rhetoric
    Fuk that little bastard.....sure glad Obama or Hillary isn't in charge of the button!
  2. N. Korea Ballistic missile threat

    Political Rhetoric
    Ok...I have a question....So scramble brains the despot form N. Korea keeps trying to impress everyone with his missiles......We all know what will happen if he ever uses an armed one against any other nation......But it has always seemed to me that a simple solution that would shut down the...
  3. Why Isn't the US Giving North Korea Aid?

    Political Rhetoric
    They are just as humane as the muzzies in the Middle East!!! Kim Jong Un's executed uncle was eaten alive by 120 hungry dogs: report - World News
  4. Korea approves nuclear attack on US

    Political Rhetoric
    As has been said, our president is probably discussing terms for our surrender as we speak. In latest PR salvo, North Korea says it approved plans for nuclear attack on U.S. - CBS News
  5. North Korea Gots a missile

    Political Rhetoric
    North Korea says its rockets can hit U.S. mainland | Reuters Long Duck Dong Ill - "You give us monies or we shoot missile at you" Guess the Donger forgot about this: US destroy spy satellite with missile. Best Quality - YouTube
  6. N korea

    PB Open Water
    So where is the worlds biggest parking lot gonna be? US or n korea
  7. North Korea. The xxits about to hit the fan!

    Political Rhetoric
    Anybody else notice that North Korea has been full steam ahead since Obama got elected. its no coincidence they didn't pull this nonsense under Bush's watch. Like the man or not, there were non misunderstandments on his position and his convictions. Those around the world whose intentions are to...
  8. North Korea - What to do?

    Political Rhetoric Serious or another slight of hand? Big dog with a bark and a bite or little dog with a yapper? History suggests serious. Nukes in their hands could mean nukes in the hands of terrorists (sold) as their economy is in shambles. And...
  9. Did we just bomb N Korea?????

    PB Open Water
    My Navy son just called and said his Chief told them "We just took care of N.Korea" They won't be launching the missle.......... Any one heard of anything???? Johnny
  10. North Korea

    Political Rhetoric
    That is the mean guy I was talking about. If you check the link on canidates in the Wilkepica link for flip flopping you see where McCain calls out Clinton on selling Nuclear warfare to North Korea. Clinton sold us out an I think in China as well. Maybe ELS has more info on this. This...