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  1. Lakers Tickets

    PB Open Water
    Anyone have a good source for Lakers tickets? I want to take my 6 year old to his first Lakers game(my first too). He's a total Lakers nut and Id like to get some decent seats so we can enjoy the whole game, not just one side of it. Also, as I've never been to Staples, Id like to get some...
  2. Lakers victory parade

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    Espn reports that the Lakers will have a victory parade this week with the Lakers and the city of Los Angeles to split the 2 Million dollar price that it will cost to have this. With all the layoff''s and people out of work I think there should not be a parade and save that money for other...
  3. World champion lakers

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    Gongrats to the Lakers!!!!
  4. ~LAKERS LOSE ~ Big time tonight

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    LOL, This outta get all the nut jobs fired up...:D
  5. Orlando, Lakers

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    Does anybody want the Lakers to lose?????? I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Any Apache Lakers Here

    West Coast - South
    Hey all, Former forum user, just figured out where the heck everyone went. Anyone going to Apache Lake anytime soon?
  7. Too bad the Lakers dont have this kinda talent

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    I saw this lil kid when I was at the Celtics game during half time he know how to bust a move.
  8. Lakers could sure use Shaq about now....

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    Dont get me wrong as Gasol is doing a decent job but since Houston has turned into another team with Yao out and they are driving to the basket...a little intimidation would be nice!
  9. Lakers Playoff tickets>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    PB Open Water
    If anybody is interested I might be able to get some for you. Excellant seats and they are pricy but you won't get this opportunity very often. For you myopic Laker Fanatics it will be a lifetime memory kind of thing. Any interest PM me directly.................
  10. When did this crap start during the Lakers games?

    PB Open Water
    So....Been tuning in/out of the Lakers games and I have seen two spanish commercials. One for El Pollo Loco and one for Jack-In-The-Box. When did they start playing spanish only commercials during the Lakers games :|err WTF!
  11. Anybody want to buy some GREAT Lakers seats...

    PB Open Water
    They are $650. for the four and it includes parking. The games available are: Nov- 11/25 Nets Dec- 12/12 Kings I was just asked if I wanted them and I don't but thought I would pass it along. If interested contact me ASAP as they will probably be gone quickly. here is a view from the seats...
  12. The 2008/2009 L.A. Lakers Thread.

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    :) I think it is that time, how about you guys? :D
  13. F*** the Lakers!!

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    MY WIFE JUST PASSED THE CALIFORNIA STATE BAR EXAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)devil:)devil:)devil:)devil:)devil:D
  14. ok lakers the 6 simple keys to winning

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    :):)punch defense rebounds :)plateJump slow down their fast breaks :)violent knocking down outside shots :):(- no stupid fouls :)Pound and did i say defense :))THumbsUp GO LAKERS:)devil
  15. Los Lakers Thread.

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    Los. :)st
  16. The Lakers Thread.

    PB Open Water
    For all the fans to post, about upcoming games or any Laker news. I thought I would start this just to post up some good news I just read... Courtesy of The LA Times 3-22-08: Bynum did not experience pain or swelling in his left knee the day after jogging in a swimming pool, a positive sign...
  17. Lakers v. Suns, tonight!!!

    PB Open Water
    Should be a fun game to watch, but we all know the Lakers will get over. Mbenga will be shutting Shaq down, if Shaq can run down at all on O. When asked about Shaq playing within Phx.'s system, PJ said Shaq will probably just inbound the ball, and then wait for the team to get back down the...
  18. Lakers are in 1st pla......eerrr, I mean 2nd place.

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    Wow have the band wagoneers sure become quiet!:):)punch DMexcuse?????? You out there?:D
  19. Lakers and Clippers

    PB Open Water
    First of all my Clips suck and I am hoping they will just get a high pick next year. The Lakers are in real jeporady of totally falling out of the playoff picture. If that happens can you imagine the crazy talk that will happen here on PB. It is a real possibility: Conf Rank Rk Team GB 1...