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  1. PB Open Water
    I'm looking to keep a land line number my shop has had for 30 years but moving out. Not opening back up but want to be able to screen business calls. Need the land line number fwd to my cell number. Also don't want to add a number to my cell account. Anyone have a suggestion? Thanks in advance.
  2. V-Drives
    I am from Michigan, just for a point of reference. I have been following you guys for New Years Day boating Weekend Paradise in Lake Elsinore, Camp Far West, Canyon Lake, Spike in Idaho etc. I looked up the 16006 Grand Avenue, Lake Elsinore address, just to see where it is at, and look on the...
  3. PB Open Water
    If your bored check out this site. Really cool timeline of speed records with some old video footage :))THumbsUp The Official Bluebird Website - 100 Years of Bluebird
  4. Jet Boats
    my 1979 hawaiian with a ford 460 and a panther drive is running way to hot in the water and feels like its slipping when i go to take off. when out of the water the 460 ran great and cold on the hose at home. and when i took the back of the pump off the bushing for the impeller shaft was all...
  5. PB Open Water
    Group of Muslims want to march on Washington on 9/11. See Link Muslim group blasted for planning mass demonstration on Sept. 11 | Fox News
  6. Boats for Sale
    I have a custom home building lot in a gated com. (bull head) and 5 building lots in meadview will trade for boat or????702-496-4150
  7. PB Open Water
    Looking to scoop up some land out that way. Ive noticed many lots of land need septic, wanna trying to stay away from that and bad areas. any advice. thx . lake view would be a big plus.
  8. Other Stuff for Sale
    Selling land in Havasu? Want to for Ferrari? I know this is a shot in the dark but what the heck - I'll give it a try. I have been looking for some time to buy a lot in Havasu to build a house on for the family. I'm thinking that now might be a good time to find a lot at a fair value. However...
  9. PB Open Water
  10. PB Open Water
    Went to Travel Land a few weeks ago to buy a Motorhome, seemed like business as usual. Not super busy, but they had a decent selection. Made an offer on a Winnebago, the salesman laughed. So I left my # and walked. Got a call today accepting my offer so I went back to test drive it. Walked...
  11. PB Open Water
    This sucks! I know this has been going on for a while but.... River eviction dispute in hands of tribal court 10:00 PM PST on Sunday, December 7, 2008 By MICHELLE DeARMOND The Press-Enterprise A long-running dispute between some Colorado River residents and their tribal landlord is...
  12. PB Open Water
    Space Shuttle Is Landing In California Sunday-Update Because of possible weather problems in Florida, space shuttle Endeavour's crew may seek an alternative landing site in California Sunday. According to NASA, the shuttle crew spent the last full day in space Saturday making preparations for...
  13. PB Open Water
    I was told to take my Rhino on BLM land (I'm in Arizona) I need a permit/use sticker. Where can I find this or what agency do I contact to get one. Also is there another permit I need for any other areas? Maricopa County? State Land? Parks? I just don't want to be hassled and would rather...
  14. PB Open Water
    Have any of you heard about the movement in Big River, Ca. regarding the land there. There is a group headed by and attorney that specializes in Indian Country Law and they feel that the California Side IS NOT Indian ground and was awarded to them illiegally through a Presidental Executive...
  15. Off the Water
    Looking to determine ownership of a piece of land in the 93 between Wikieup and Wickenberg. Is there a website that can point me in the right direction?
  16. PB Open Water
    Anybody have a house on BLM land on the Ca. side of the strip? Got any horror stories you want to share in regard to evictions, broad stroke and regular rule changes, rent increases, etc. No need to publicly give the park name.:)hand
  17. PB Open Water
    Any land surveyors in the IE. Sometime in the next few months I will need to get a piece of vacant land marked for property lines, City of Riverside. How much does something like this costs, and do ya know anybody? Thanks in advance C2 Craig
  18. PB Open Water
    Did anyone else get to enjoy all the dog shit in the channel? or how bout all the dogs piss'n on your chairs and try'n to jump up on your boat! I personaly like where the dog shit a load the size of a foot ball, then they kicked sand on top of it so some some one could step in it ,cool huh...
  19. PB Open Water
    DETROIT (AP) — Ford Motor Co. is selling its storied Jaguar and Land Rover businesses to India's Tata Motors Ltd. in a deal that will net the U.S. automaker $1.7 billion — roughly a third of the price it paid for the two luxury brands. The deal announced Wednesday will expand the Indian...
  20. PB Open Water
    How many people dont have land lines with the cell phones now a days??:)bulb