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  1. Fishers landing trailer for sale

    West Coast - South
    Selling our River trailer at Fishers landing on the Colorado River (north of Yuma and next to Martinez lake). Its located right next to the launch ramp, store and bar. In an area called fishers camp. Trailer also has a 24' x 24' fully enclosed and concrete anchored awning with a new tarp and...
  2. Mays Landing

    Just talked to the guys at Mays Landing. They had 9 SE and 5 PS boats. From what I got, Jeff Clauss won the weekend driving Robert Convery's new Temptation hull. Pete Hackett was second and Jim Clauss was third. Parks Jones took a pretty nasty spill in his PS-14. Boat landed upright but Parks is...
  3. Fishers Landing/ Martinez Lake rentals

    Other Stuff for Sale
    Two units available for weekend or weekly rentals on Fishers Landing, Yuma, AZ. Newly remodeled with water front views. Both units have dock space with parking. Looking for year round or seasonal renters also. Each unit sleeps 6-8. Walking distance to restaurant and bars. Not on here much so...
  4. Mays Landing Sept 7-8th Race

    So who has photos/video from the other side of the country at Mays Landing NJ. I understand Jim Clauss took weekend high points.
  5. Labor Day weekend: anyone heading out to knights landing

    Any plans to run north on the Sacramento River out of knights landing over the Labor Day weekend?
  6. Fishers landing

    Jet Boats
    Any hotrods going down this weekend? Murphy's Law will be on the water
  7. Nor Cal V-Drives Sacramento river run--Knights landing this sat 6/29

    A few buddies and I are getting together this Saturday and heading north on sac river out of knights landing (roughly 30 mins n. on the river--(Locals call the area Cramers). with our flat bottoms.--finding a beach and hanging out for the day! nothing official...just some fun in the sun...on...
  8. Skiing out of Knights Landing Ca. 10-27-2012---PICS

    Few buddies and I went out to good old Knights Landing, and headed North on the Sacramento River last weekend for a great warm end of the year session... here are some pics... There is nothing like skiing behind a vintage flatbottom on glass..... 80'F and no other boats besides us all day...
  9. Fishers landing

    West Coast - South
    june second murphy's law race boat on the river at fishers now that the crowd and cops are gone time to make some passes
  10. Knights Landing

    Is Knights Landing a good spot for "hot boats"
  11. fishers landing

    Jet Boats
    any hot rods going out this Saturday i will be there!!!
  12. Anyone staying at havasu landing today 8-18-2011

    PB Open Water
    I need a ride from the dream catcher up to Vista del lago for me or my tech.....thanks..
  13. knights landing

    Jet Boats
    does anyone know how the water level is out of knights landing are any of the beaches showing? thanks
  14. [Announcment] Wanting back in// fishers landing or martinez lake

    West Coast - South
    I am regretting selling my place at Fishers a couple years back. I want back in. If you know anyone selling their place or just wanting to rent it out for the summer to ease the finances let me know. I know there are a few for sale out there but the asking prices are a bit high. Considering how...
  15. Katherine's Landing

    Jet Boats
    who's going to be out there June 3rd thru the 6th, I will be south of the marina and around the penninsula. Hope to meet some of you out there.:)devil
  16. Any info about Katherine's Landing Lake Mohave.

    PB Open Water
    Do they have a hotel or cottages at the Landing or do you have to go to Laughlin or Bullhead City to Lodge? Thanks for the help.
  17. Katherine's Landing ? ?

    PB Open Water
    First trip this summer to Katherine's just wondering how the crowds have been on Saturdays and Sundays, last summer it was pretty quiet with gas/diesel prices at $5.00. TIA
  18. Knights Landing

    I have one question when are people gona start going to Knights landing again.
  19. Anybody here sit in the Katherine Landing line on Sat?

    PB Open Water
    Watched from my back porch. At 8:30 am was over the top of the hill. Went to town around 10:30am and line was back to the dam road. Used the back way to get home to avoid the line. No boating for me on Saturday. Anybody here wait in it? Carl Oh 'ya F Lake Mohave, it sux!
  20. Looking for a place to stay at fishers landing in yuma

    West Coast - South
    the toy hauler fell through the truck towing it cant make it so now the wife and i and her friend are trying to find a place to stay at the river. we tried to find a rental but being so close to the weekend no luck. if anyone can help we would greatly appreciate it thanks.