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  1. GN7 Takes the Final Lap...

    Just heard from a couple of very reliable sources that Bob Graf took his final lap today... The sport is now missing a lot of knowledge and a ton of history. This saddens me greatly, Bob had absolutely no tact nor any people skills for those outside of his 'circle' ( pun intended) but I loved...
  2. [Press Release] Irvine Lap Times and Placings ?

    Does anyone have the lap times and the finishing positions for the K boat Challenge? I know that someone sabotaged Rick Kings boat and rigged it to tip over on Saturday and then to blow up on Sunday:mad:;):D, but that aside how did everyone finish? Thanks, Steve
  3. Reverse Spam/need lap top

    PB Open Water
    HEY kids....The wife needs a used lap top, her needs are internet (we have a router in the house) storage for pics and Misc.stuff, but mainly for internet use.... Any body have a used INEXSPENSIVE lap top they want to get rid of ??????Thanks
  4. Mac Lap Tops?

    PB Open Water
    Who uses them and how do you like them and the new Lepord system? Anyone know the cheapest place to buy them? :D Was looking at this one at best buy:
  5. K69 on a Lap

    Click on Pic. for video of the.."K69".. a couple of good laps and nice pit intro.............Pretty good evidence of why he took the ...."Overall".... in the lap average... timed event...........
  6. ZR1 lap at the Ring

    PB Open Water
    Jim Mero laps the Ring in the Corvette. If you have a good sound sys. crank it up. Mike
  7. Best lap time at Havasu Hot Laps....

    PB Open Water
    I'm determined to bust a 24 seconds. So far, 25.09 is my best time. Anyone else like to run the carts at Havasu Hot Laps? There is no better extra curricular activity in Havasu other than women and boating in Havasu bar none.
  8. Taking a lap with Lickety Split - Video

    PB Open Water
    Hi Performance Boaters Just sharing a video from last weekend out at Havasu. It's shot with a helmetcam unit from V.I.O. it can be mounted but I just held it in my hand. It is a great toy if any of you are in the market to film your boat runs, I...