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  1. Political Rhetoric
    Feds: Obama Broke Law with Bergdahl Swap | National Review Online Can you imagine what would have happened to GW if he was still in office and did something like this? Libs would be screaming impeachment.
  2. Political Rhetoric
    Certain people here would read this and say "Well it's the LAW!, she gets what she deserves". Other people here would read this and say it should be delt with differently. Judge OKs decision to sell widow's home over $6.30 debt | Fox News It's comforting to think of the amount of resources...
  3. Political Rhetoric
    Got this in an email today, real or not? The Dick Act of 1909 - This is legit and no joke. > > Wonder who in Washington is supposed to keep up with all the laws that > have been passed (and ignored) throughout the years? > THE BILL was passed back in 1902 and grants full rights...
  4. Political Rhetoric
    New York City Mayor's SUV video taped breaking laws he just rolled out.Then the Police Commissioner says "he is not concerned about what he saw"........imagine that!! These elected criminals never fail to amaze me......:stir: NYC Mayor Faces Flap Over SUV Speeding Video - ABC News
  5. Political Rhetoric
    Rewarding law breakers seems to be an obsession in California, lately. California Supreme Court Grants ILLEGAL Immigrant the Ability to Practice LAW!
  6. Political Rhetoric
    Barack Obama's increasingly grandiose claims for presidential power are inversely proportional to his shriveling presidency. Desperation fuels arrogance as, barely 200 days into the 1,462 days of his second term, his pantry of excuses for failure is bare, his domestic agenda is nonexistent...
  7. PB Open Water
    Perfect ass this cop is...Daytime in No Time | Yahoo! TV
  8. PB Open Water
    Anyone who lives in havasu have to smog there diesel pick-up truck? I herd there's a county near Parker that people register their tucks to that doesnot require diesels to be smoged
  9. Political Rhetoric
    Wyoming lawmakers propose bill to nullify new federal gun laws | I hope they pass this bill. I think I really need to move to one of these states that protect their own freedom. I got the house up for sale, so we'll see!
  10. Political Rhetoric
    Seems our spineless leader is accepting foreign donations illegally. Heck, he doesn't even need to prove his citizenship, I suppose this won't matter either. Report: Obama campaign may have violated federal election law by allowing foreign donors to funnel in cash via its website | Mail Online
  11. Political Rhetoric
    So Obama's administration is disregarding an immigration law that requires a denial of visas to those likely to end up on welfare. I guess he wasn't us to be the welfare capitol of the world.....We can work our asses off so people can come from other countries to collect welfare. :((((((...
  12. Political Rhetoric
    I like how the President is bribing companies to ignore the law. Is it just me, is law just a nuisance for this administration? Love the double standard, never seen something like this by a President and it's only being reported at one major source unless it's buried somewhere it can't be easily...
  13. Jet Boats
    hello new guy here needing some help. I posted this last night in the wrong spot last night so Im trying it again.I got a call after leaving the lake in MN my dad lives on. the water cop saying my jet boat is to loud and the water cop is out to get me now. I have searched the web for some help...
  14. PB Open Water
    NEED HELP!!! I got a call about my jet boat being to loud from the water cops in MN and he is out to get me now. I have talked to some people and did a ton of searching on the internet about to loud on the water but I cant seem to find out if there fix passed the test. I have a 76 Rogers with...
  15. Off the Water
    No More Back Seats for those of us with side by sides, big brother protecting us from ourselves again
  16. Jet Boats
    Heard there's new noise laws .. Around Laughlin to havasu and by park moabi and in the Gorge!! Been going for years and never had this problem .. So what's the word on this .. Maybe if ur causing attention or sm shit please give me sm advise cause I'm going next week,,,,,
  17. Political Rhetoric
    Jerry Brown and the legislature had to take another pay cut. :thumb: I love the line where Brown says he "derives alot of pyschic income" The assholes of the state elected a stardust child. He is a Moonbeam. The whiners are trying to get the cuts stopped, but its a done deal, and they are...
  18. Political Rhetoric
    Hard to believe this is correct, even under this administration! Read it and weep, folks. Welcome to America. YOU DON'T HAVE TO CHECK THIS OUT ON SNOPES - IT MADE FOX NEWS WHICH YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO BY CLICKING ON BELOW! PRETTY SCARY FOLKS!!! This is really frightening. They sneaked...
  19. PB Open Water
    Got a ticket from CHP on my way home from Glamis a couple weeks back for no Mud Flaps, Tinted Windows, and no Front Plate. I got everything fixed and need to get the ticket signed off now. Can a Police or Sheriff sign this off or do I have to take it to my local CHP office to get it signed off...
  20. Political Rhetoric
    We need a law: If an American is worth more than 10 million dollars they should be considered royality and therfore cannot serve in any elected position simply because they are out of touch with normal Americans !! Here is a great example of a queen being out of touch with normal Americans ...