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  1. President Trump lawyers are crying

    Political Rhetoric
    Isn't it kind of scary to think our president might really be a dufus. President Trump admits his executive order is a ban and somewhere, his lawyers are crying I understand there will always be those who support...
  2. Any Judges or Lawyers on here?

    PB Open Water
    How can a judge grant visitation rights to someone without a dna test first?
  3. Any real estate lawyers on here?

    PB Open Water
    I have a quick question for you if so, please PM me. Thanks Mike
  4. So - Who do the lawyers want to be president?????

    Political Rhetoric
    Big law is heavily favoring President Obama in campaign contributions, pouring twice as much money into the president’s re-election campaign than into the four leading Republican candidates combined. Obama has received $4.1 million from lawyers and law firms compared with the $1.7 million that...
  5. Are Lawyers to blame?????? Interesting!!

    Political Rhetoric
    A LAWYER WITH A BRIEFCASE CAN STEAL MORE THAN A THOUSAND MEN WITH GUNS. This is very interesting! I never thought about it this way. The Lawyers' Party By Bruce Walker The Democratic Party has become the Lawyers Party. Barack Obama is a lawyer. Michelle Obama is a lawyer. Hillary Clinton is a...
  6. Any Sand Bar Lawyers Here?

    PB Open Water
    Need some thoughts and/or advice... I've signed a rental contract to move into another house. No money has exchanged hands yet and I was planning on moving in this weekend. I've given notice to my current landlord and they have been showing it to prospective renters (don't know if it's rented...
  7. A Party of Lawyers

    Political Rhetoric
    I pilfered this over at RD's. It's kind of long but has some food for thought. It's been said by many that Lawyers will be our undoing and there may much truth to this. The author is unknown but the points are clear. Subject: Thoughtful point of view The Democrat Party has become the...