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  1. Leading The US Like Sheep to the Slaughter

    Political Rhetoric
    We've moved our carriers out of the ME, shrunk our military, giving up bases in the Med, allowing Russia to operate in the Gulf and Arctic freely, weakened our defense, and are whittling away on our intelligence. Now the latest is Russia now has an anti-satellite missile that can knock out our...
  2. Leading Union Political Campaign Contributions

    Political Rhetoric
    These are amazing me.. Leading Union Political Campaign Contributors 1990-2010 Democrats Republicans American Fed. of State, County, & Municipal Employees $40,281,900 $547,700 Intel Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 29,705,600 679,000 National Education Association...
  3. impeller question re: leading edge

    Jet Boats
    After pulling my impeller and doing the customary inspection to see how many rocks I sucked up, I noticed that all four leading edges have a slight deflection that would make sense if it were normal to deflect. Im pretty sure my 600hp isnt enough to cause this and I have yet cavitate with...
  4. Loader leading edge depth

    Jet Boats
    Whats a good starting point on loader depth???? I mocked mine up last night and it will be 1/2" below the center of the keel
  5. bowl leading edge!!!

    Jet Boats
    Has anyone found an advantage with the radius edge versus the straight edge?
  6. who is leading in the post whore race

    Gray Water Storage
    ????? Has to be that bannana habbit guy