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  1. Boat Lease For Competition Drivers License Test

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    Blessing In Disguise Twin Turbo Jet is available for lease in San Angelo Sep. 12-14 for anyone wanting to license in TE PE QE. Private Message me if interested.
  2. Firebird Lease

    Senior Reporter- Phoenix Business JournalEmail | Twitter | Facebook Firebird International Raceway could be shutting down next year and the future of the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving is up in the air. The Gila River Indian Community is not...
  3. [For Sale] 2010 infiniti fx35, 12k miles, lease or buy, loaded!

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    Selling our 2010 fx 35 infiniti in pearl white color, car is like new. It has every option from infinti including sport package, sticker on the car was 52k. car has -full tan leather -power seats -power sunroof -sport package 20" wheels -premium stereo -cameras around all points of the car we...
  4. Lease Questions.

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    I am sitting here starting to get the wheels turning regarding my lease. I have about 5 months left on it. My paperwork shows that there will be $16,000 and some change left on it. Talking to the dealer about the lease, he said you have to pay taxes on that, plus buy a warranty and gap...
  5. Car lease return : beware

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    I just returned from body shop had to get a bumper fixed. The guy was laughing and told me large portion of his biz these days is lease returns and teh dealership absolutly sticking it to peep's for minor scratches, etc... he said BMW was worst offender. So be careful those of you w/ leases...
  6. Tahoe lease return questions???

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    Our 05 Tahoe lease is up in April. We're on the money with mileage. I probably need to get it detailed and fix the small door dings. Any suggestions? We're also open to doing a lease purchase. What kind of pricing do they give you? I called GMAC and was told I need to talk to a dealer. We have...
  7. 2007 Ford F-150 Lease Takeover

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    2007 Ford F-150 Extra Cab Lariat, Black Leather Int, Electric Rear Window 2 Inch Lift (just in the front) 18 inch alum wheels with Toyo Tires Full Tow Package, Oil and Tranny Cooler too Factory Remote Start (Great for those hot days) I got the truck from Gaudin Ford In Las Vegas, they did all...
  8. C.R.I.T. Lease

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    Anybody else have a waterfront lot accross from Badnochs? we just got a letter imposing a 60% increase for 2009 right around $ 23,000 Annually.....
  9. Lease Return Question? OUCH$$$$$$$

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    I got a call today from Toyota motor credit today reminding me that my lease on my 2006 Tundra is almost up. They ask if I will be Buying the Vehicle or trading it in. I told them I would like to trade it in. He tells me we dont want it back and that I should buy it because they are having a...
  10. Truck Lease Return Question

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    Next month my lease expires on my 05 Dodge 1500 Quad Cab. Has only 25,000 miles on it. I extended the lease once already for 6 months. I can extend for another 6 months if I want. The residual is $17440.00. They are reducing the residual by another $2500.00 because of price drops. That brings...
  11. Anyone going to lease the new Honda Clarity Hydrogen car

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    I guess you need to live in the Irvine area, but it only $600 a month for the lease with full maintenance. I would jump on this if I was in the area.