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  1. Reg letters

    Michigan Hot Boats
    Finally a good use for the craft crap I buy the wife.
  2. Jobs report today, "Labor Day" needs 4 more letters...

    Political Rhetoric
    Well, with the new jobs report (ZERO, never since 1945), and the jerk running the show for almost 3 years, the "Bridges to nowhere", did not work. TRILLIONS in NEW debt? "Where the money been spent?" Now he will "BS" speak again? Need to re-name our famous holiday, to.."Laborless day". FIRE"EM...
  3. Who hand paints letters on boats in Havasu?

    PB Open Water
    Please re-read the title..:D
  4. OSHA love letters

    PB Open Water
    Couple days ago my office mgr hands me a letter from OSHA. Someone filed a complaint. Something like 15 items and I have 14 days to respond or OSHA will come a knocking. Today she hands me another letter. Another complaint against a division within our same company. This one has 3 items and...