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  1. Proposed bill to force gun owners to buy liability insurance

    Political Rhetoric
    Seriously? These crafty mother fuks are relentless. I wish they'd all just come together and in one big declaration say what they really ban all guns and repeal the 2nd. The gov't requiring or compelling people to purchasing ANYTHING in order to comply with the law flat out is...
  2. Does Product Liability Insurance matter to you when purchasing a new or used boat?

    PB Open Water
    Someone called the office this morning and asked about verification of product liability insurance on a manufacturer. I told him that he would have to call the mfr and request a copy of the certificate. Does anyone check this when making a used or new boat purchase. You SHOULD. This separates...
  3. commercial general liability

    PB Open Water
    do we have any board members that work in this area....looking for a quote asap
  4. Liability Insurance for new business

    PB Open Water
    Well i'm trying to gather costs for a proposal for a business plan. I'm looking to see about liability insurance. I love to keep it in the family if i can.... So anyone in the biz?