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  1. Liar Hilary headed to jail..

    Political Rhetoric
    Well boys and girls, it's just a matter of time before hildabeast heads to the slammer... Her lying ways have caught up to her, just as they did for Martha Stewart... Seems it IS against the LAW to lie or mislead the FBI, the same beef that put Martha Stewart in PRISON.... Just the lie she told...
  2. Liar

    Political Rhetoric
    Charlie Rose is a liberal idiot, but then so are the other two on CBS This Morning. :yes:
  3. How about our Liar in Chief?

    Political Rhetoric
    Looks like our Liar in Chief has been at it again. Seems like he has been telling the entire world the the United Arab Emirates have been flying air missions against ISIS for quite a while now when in actuality they quit flying these missions over a month ago. Way to go O. You are doing...
  4. Jonathan Gruber " Academic Liar Elitist"

    Political Rhetoric
    Gruber is another example of what some academics are doing to undermine the Country. A professor of economics that is proud of lying and cheating the American people. He calls the voters stupid, but does not know he is being video'd. We stupid people out here know there are cameras everywhere we...
  5. Impeach the liar!

    Political Rhetoric
    Shouldn't be too hard, lying is an impeachable offence, we now have the undisputable truth! As for the Dems, shun them and don't patronize their business's until they see the light! As for Joe, he'll get the message.
  6. ******Buyer Beware****chuck75sanger****POS liar and scammer******

    Parts for Sale
    ***Buyer Beware **(chuck75sanger)**(5sanger)**Liar & scammer***** Just a heads up..( chuck75sanger ) new name** (5sanger)** Bought a part from him. Said it was sent, Never returned emails & would not provide tracking #'s. I found the same part listed in several different places. (after the...
  7. Sandy victim: Obama's a 'phony,' 'liar'

    Political Rhetoric
    Sandy victim: Obama's a 'phony,' 'liar' | Fox News Video But we already knew this, right? ;)
  8. Liar, Liar, Barack on Fire...

    Political Rhetoric
    Barack Obama On Guns…Again If his goal is to reassure gun owners that he isn’t interested in quashing our Second Amendment rights, I don’t think this statement is going to help much: “Even if I want to take them away, I don’t have the votes in Congress,’’ Obama said. “This can’t be the reason...