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  1. MSD 6M-2 with rev limiter

    Parts for Sale
    $250.00 - Used MSD 6M-2 with rev limiter #6460 It's the one on the right w/rev limiter. 618-567-1804
  2. Anyone know how to remove a Rev limiter on an older 525sc motor?

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Also if anyone has a overdrive pulley or Superchiller for the 525 sc laying around PM me.:wink2:
  3. [SOLD] Mag rev limiter and tach

    Parts for Sale
    Have an etc rev limiter for magneto ignition and a playback tach with adapter to work with magneto. Pics show most details. $200 for all of it
  4. Rev limiter to Ford HEI /diagram help

    Greg Shoemaker
    Anyone know the wiring diagram for this combo Pro comp to 460 HEI Attached Thumbnails
  5. Rev limiter on ford HEI

    Jet Boats
    Anyone know the wiring diagram for this combo Pro comp to ford 460 HEI Attached Thumbnails
  6. MSD Soft Touch Rev Limiter Part No. 8768

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    Title says it all. Bought it and never used it. $35.00 and you pick it up Travis 714-276-5268 Fullerton, CA
  7. Checking the rev limiter!

    Jet Boats
  8. MSD 6A, distributor, wires, retard box, rev limiter, & coil

    Parts for Sale
    MSD 6A, MSD 3 step retard, MSD Chevy Distributor, MSD coil, and new in box black MSD bbc wires... $400 for all of it, came out of a car, so its always been dry...:D
  9. rev limiter

    GN7 On the Dyno
    So my new MSD rev limiter showed up today.. and i had a question. It came with preset 3000 6000 7000 and 8000 RPM setting chips. I can order another kit with what ever specific ones i need. However what is a safe number to put on a 350 SBC. I want to say it spins around 4600 so would it make...
  10. Rev Limiter!!

    Jet Boats
    Can you guys recommend a good price/good rev limiter! The motor is a BBC 496 twin turbo set up.