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  1. [For Sale] Lincoln electric welder

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    lincoln electric 240 volt 225 amp arc welder for sale with a whole bunch or rods. stored in garage worked great years ago asking 100 for everything.....Just seen lowes has new ones for northern tool 569.00
  2. [SOLD] Lincoln Blackwood

    Tow Vehicles, Cars and Parts
    For Sale. 2002 Lincoln Blackwood. Only 3350 ever made. This one was built in April of 02 (lower production number). 96k miles. New fire stones installed at 81k May of 14. New brakes May 15. New battery this year. Alpine system with Bluetooth,hands free. Interior in great shape. Everything works...
  3. 1960 biesemeyer caribbean for sale

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    1960 biesemeyer for sale great run around boat orange and white all original sw gauges white interior that is servicable. all intact again just in decents usable condition. 430 lincoln v8 freshened up heads rebuilt all new valves springs hard seats new rings and bearings runs great plenty of go...
  4. Lincoln

    Classic Hot Boats
    Lincoln really likes jet boats, but likes his hotdog better, he said it was faster!
  5. Killing Lincoln!!

    PB Open Water
    I have it taped and plan to watch tomorrow since rainy and cold.This was based on bill O'Reilly's book it got the highest ratings in National Geographic's History.Now they are working on Killing Kennedy for a Movie. I really enjoy shows where you can learn something. Anyone watch it?
  6. Berlin wall Lincoln Woman voting

    Political Rhetoric
    Was talking with a friend last week who shared some of his thoughts. He was joking around but dang it, those thoughts just keep bouncing around in my head like a super ball in an empty clothes dryer LOL He simply said, "Imagine what America would be if we would have built a 50 foot tall wall...
  7. 2001 Lincoln Towncar. Executive series

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    2001 Towncar. Excellent condition. Very low miles (79,795). Pearl white. Chrome wheels, new tires, grey leather. No dents. Runs excellent. Always garaged. $6000.00 obo 951-207-6517
  8. Hot Rod Lincoln F/GC record of 164.845

    GN7 On the Dyno
    The little engine that could: 3.94 x 3.59 = 175" +/- 375hp at 8,800 built by Bruce Nogrady, Murrieta Ca. Header mock-up 4-2-1..... the exhaust note is awesome Back-up run of 164.2 mph to capture the new F/GC record at 164.845 mph: my brother James at the wheel: JCI...

    Michigan Hot Boats
    WHo has the Rayson craft with the 462 in it...?? I need pics of it!:wtf:
  10. Land Of Lincoln....

    Political Rhetoric
    Not only does Illinois have the dubious honor of being the birthplace of ACORN and the home to the worst president of all times, the home of Louis Farrakhan AND THE HOME TO 'YOU GOTS TO CHILL" they have a NEW honor of INFAMY. The WORST RUN state in the union: hil:) By Law states can't go...
  11. Lincoln Craft Vdrive Cruisers??

    My grandpa helped his friend build these boats back in the 70's. Has anybody ever seen one or know somebody that has one? My grandpas Lincoln Craft was a brown and tan colored one that I have been looking for.
  12. 1998 Lincoln Navigator 4x4......$ 5,995.00

    Tow Vehicles, Cars and Parts
    Here's the current CL add with pics. 1998 Lincoln Navigator, 4x4, LOADED! Been a great car. been in the Fam since new. Only 5995.00 760-638-3810
  13. 1968 ford lincoln custom

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    Posting for a friend has a 1968 lincoln dropped on 18's has a 460 with 50,000 mile on motor new magnaflow exhaust. Interior is the original dark olive green 4900.00 his number is 707-333-5979 Aaron Sold!!!
  14. Opinions on Lincoln's 1861 address.

    Political Rhetoric
    "This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing Government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it." Abraham Lincoln, First inaugural address...
  15. 1964 lincoln continental suicide door

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    for sale. i hate to do it, but we just don't use it. we spend most of our time at the river so it needs to find a new home. 15k or trade for a nice rhino.