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  1. Help!! I'm needing this 3" drive line cover flange/coupler.

    Parts for Sale
    Disregard. I found one. I'm in need of the drive line coupler/flange that holds the 3" drive line tube cover in place on the Casale input side of the case. I already tried Brian at Bergeron and they are out of stock and won't be making any for a couple of weeks. If you have an extra one or one...
  2. Question - Line in the Middle

    Political Rhetoric
    Is the current divide in our country similar to when the North & South went to war over Slavery? One side wanted to maintain ownership of their slaves, the other side felt those slaves are people too and should have the same rights as everyone else. Yea yea I know, let's not go there. Using the...
  3. 1310 drive line

    Parts for Sale
    Brand new and balanced 10 spline 1310 yoke, on a 5-7/8 center to center drive shaft ,overall length is 9-3/8 face of pump 220.00 +shipping
  4. Ss braded line and fittings

    Parts for Sale
    Looking to sell some of my SS line and fittings. Everything is new also will be selling later -12 line & fittings -16 line & fittings -20 line & fittings
  5. Transcript Excluded Key Line From Trump.

    Political Rhetoric Sometimes it appears Trump and the White House have a little trouble getting things right, like being honest. White House Transcript From Immigration Meeting Initially Excluded Key Line...
  6. WANTED XL Life line Jacket

    Parts for Sale
    WANTED Large Life line Jacket Looking for a LIFE LINE non chute PN130 Large jacket ,Will consider other models ,Let me know what you have text 619 2479921 Adam
  7. Drive line

    Jet Boats
    Having my drive line lengthened (spicer) with the u-bolts guy says he wouldnt use that style of drive line whats out there thats better, this is the style I've have on my jets before with no problems if you have pics of a better one I'd like to see it
  8. Steel braid lines with AN fittings. $10 per line

    Parts for Sale
    Lots of steel braid lines with AN fittings on each end. Most lines are 24" or shorter. AN sizes included are -4, -6, -8, -10, -12 and -16. Most are in the -8, -10 and -12 area. You know how much it costs to plumb a boat or race car. Save some money here. A line with an AN fitting on each end is...
  9. 1990 proboat top line 19' w/trailer

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    I just got this boat 2 days and bit off more than I can chew, the hull looks nice but everything wood needs to be replaced(floor stringers bulkheads) and it is a light lay up hull with some stress cracks showing near the stringers. Only 2 spider crackers that I found on the deck. Has 2 aluminum...
  10. Stainless crossover line or traditional water line

    Crossover line or traditional water line vdrive drag Hydro
  11. Stainless crossover line for traditional water line

    Crossover line or traditional water line vdrive drag Hydro blown with mechanical injection. NEW Mike Kule water pump Which way is better? Postives and negatives
  12. Leaving the line in a flat

    Ok flat drivers, at what rpm do you go in gear on the rope and how is it activated (manual, air, air w/ throttle position switch, etc) and are you using a clutch or just the v-drive in-out? I do NOT have a clutch so kinda wanting to hear what the guys using the box are doing.
  13. Leaving the line in a flat

    Duplicate. Moderators, please delete.
  14. Water line issues HELP!!

    I am trying to finish plumbing my v-drive and cant seem to get the water line worked out. First off, I am switching from regular hose to all black an fittings and black woven hose. My problem is I cant get from my Nicson pump to the block. I have 2 different tops, one with push-on ends and one...
  15. [SOLD] Life line jacket $250

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  16. oil line routing

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I have valve spring oilers and wondering if i could run my #4 line to the oilers then to the turbos? Would it starve the turbos of oil? Thanks For any input
  17. 1992 21"finish line open bow jet

    Boats for Sale
    92 22ft open bow 454 bbc port matched intake malloroy unlite ignition. Berkley jet. Seats 10, brandnew tires with old school mags, located in Santa Maria ca 805-714-6934
  18. henderson nc. va/nc line

    Classic Hot Boats
    Looking at a place in Henderson NC near the VA line. This will be a toys for tots event. Anyone near there that would and or could make the event? Place is steel creek marina. I'm working on motel info. Would be in May 2016, first or last weekend?
  19. Wanted: Drive Line Tube and supports

    Parts for Sale
    Looking for a drive line tube and the supports for a circle boat application. Driven off the snout.
  20. -12 AN Stainless steel braided line

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Where is the cheapest place to buy it? Its been a while since Ive had to get any. I need 36 feet of -12 Stainless line. Thanks for the info