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  1. Beautiful blond enjoys my jet while listening to ZZ Top.

    Jet Boats
    Cant wait till spring. I think she will be old enogh to go for a ride...
  2. listening to while on the computer

    PB Open Water
    listening to Kid Rock, Rock N roll Jesus, driving the wife nuts, she turns the T.V. up I turn the computers speakres up. :)devil:)devil:)devil
  3. Listening to Obama right now...

    PB Open Water
    He seems to have had too much coffee this AM. Like he is just spilling out quickly what he wants to say. Kind of like a sales guy who just talks thru his sales pitch and doesn't pause at all. You know the kind....interrupt and ask a ? and then they are thrown and can't remember where they...
  4. listening to Obama

    Political Rhetoric
    it just becomes more obvious to me that he just keeps talking until he thinks he makes his point. In other words IMO when asked a question he can talk around and around until he feels satisfied. Kind of like throwing enough shit up against the wall and some will stick. He just doesn't seem to...
  5. Obama: Stop listening Limbaugh

    Political Rhetoric
    Has anybody else seen this? Why would a new president bring up a radio show host? I take it as Limbaugh is a serious thorn in his side. What's your take? To those that complain about all the negativity towards Obama, thats not what this is about. I don't ever recall a sitting president...
  6. Listening to talk radio,,,

    Political Rhetoric
    Some of the more Liberal and Champaign Socialist talk-a-thon hosts are starting to say neither Hillary nor Obama will remove the troops from Iraq any time soon if elected like they claim. They (the Dems) haven't really done much after the big change in congress predicated on getting troops...
  7. Anyone listening to The History of Howard Sten on Sirius 100

    PB Open Water
    What a great production. My favorite was on Monday with "The Early Years". I can't believe how many childhood friends they got to talk about Howard. What great insight they provided. Socalmoney