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  1. Parts for Sale
    Standard deck bbc 3.3 liter polished Whipple supercharger kit, like new condition. Less than 20 hrs use. Complete with engine harness, Mefi 4 ecm, distributor,intercooler, injectors, wires, fuel pump. Everything for a standalone install. $8500.00 plus shipping from Lake Charles, LA 70605...
  2. Parts for Sale
    $12,500 firm Fresh Dodge R5 P7 NASCAR engine for sale. No races, Build by Penske Motors in NC. Same kind as used in the 6 Liter Class. call or email (760) 792-0909 [email protected] I will be leaving for Long Beach Friday and can ship for free, bring cash.
  3. Outboards
    Mercury Outboard 3 Liter Seal This beautifully machined seal replaces Mercury Marine's 3 Liter Seal P/N 840836A1. Our 3 Liter Seal uses 4x double lip seals and a snap ring at the bottom to firmly hold it together for safety. Unlike the Mercury seal that uses 2x seals and no snap ring. Our...
  4. Parts for Sale
    WTB Chevy 8.1 liter Raylar aluminum heads want to buy aluminum heads for 8.1 litre chevy vortec, please contact me thanks [email protected]
  5. GN7 On the Dyno
    Hello all! I am new here and looking to enhance the performance of my 2002 23ft Caravelle Interceptor. It has a 260 hp version 5.7 liter. Or as Volvo marks it 5.7 liter GL. I would like to change the heads if needed, cam intake combo to make 350 to 400 hp. I am unsure what heads are on the...
  6. Parts for Sale
    Please PM me with price and details. Thanks guys!!!
  7. Parts for Sale
    I have a brand new mercury 2.5 liter crank ready to run for. 500.00 I also have a brand new 2003 model 2.5 liter 150hp block and front half ready to assemble no sleeves all stock mercury honed and ready. 800.00
  8. Outdrives
    Anyone have the specs for a 95, 5.7 liter merccruiser? Plug type, timing setting, etc. Any idea if there is a PDF version of the manual somewhere that I could download? Thanks in advance. Dave M.
  9. Outboards
    We have been fooling around with Division III boats. We call this class Classic Outboard 2.0. Basically it is any MOD VP boat with a 2.0 lier Merc, 26 CC head with carbs. Must be 19 feet long. We had 8 boats at the Enduro and had two race at Havasu Landing, February 2009.. Classic...
  10. Gary Taylor
    For those that do not know. Whipple has been on the R&D stages of the new 4.0 liter Screw Blower. You might wonder why?????? The answer: It will be a perfect middle of the road SC for High Performance Marine engines. The fact of the matter is, The 3.3L(or 200ax) is only good up to about 950hp or...
  11. PB Open Water
    what's the best blower , easy to installed kit out there for the 4.8 liters? i have a customer(dr.) who wants me to add bout a 100hp to his truck and said he don't give a shiat how i do it:D truck has 3k miles on it, so i want something reliable and not to cluttered. looked at the paxton roots...
  12. PB Open Water
    This is an unbelievable boat. It's a 2008 Revolution Performance marine(RPM) 26 Redline Cat. The boat was built this year with a TPI 848 efi and a Max Machine Worx all billet drive. The customer brought me the boat last week to have the 3.3 liter Whipple exchanged for a new 5 liter Whipple W305...
  13. Gary Taylor
    So today one of my best customers showed up after a long drive from Luisiana to have his 848 turned into a 5.0 liter Whipple motor. It is a 6-8 hr conversion including the reprogramming and clean up. The motor we start with is a 540 ci 8.75:1 engine with a VERY stout bottom end. With the...
  14. PB Open Water
    Wonder if this will even sell very good considering the high cost of diesel fuel?
1-14 of 14 Results