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  1. Major ASSHOLE has a melt down. LMAO!!!!

    Political Rhetoric
    (:)eek(:) :p :no:
  2. Hahaha futs lmao!

    Jet Boats
    That was some funny shit, Fut's, Doing laps around us while i was towing Sean's boat in, last weekend! Wish some one would have got video or pictures of that! That would have been a good scene for this years SCJB vidy! I was LMFAO! Of course i am easily amused!
  3. LMAO, i made the local paper...

    Jet Boats
    I recently moved, only been here for about 6 months. This week a buddy had his boat over and we were doing a little bit of fiberglass work on it. He was dressed in a automotive mechanics type suit. A cop shows up at my house looking confused. He see's the boat so he knows he must be in the...
  4. Lmao!!!!!!!!!

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    YouTube - ‪Behind The Seams - Mexican Pointy Boots‬‏
  5. LMAO ! I swear you cant make the chit up ( Girls & Craiglist )

    PB Open Water
    geeeeezuuussss.... I leave town for a weekend and my pal breaks up with his long time girlfriend and so had his kids until last Sunday; then decides to go balls out in Newport for the straglers-on down there for sundayfunday... So, he hits newport and strikes out everywhere. Then finds himself...
  6. RCB ... Caa Caww Caa Caww! LMAO

    Jet Boats
    She must have been at the resturant with us Too fricken funny - click here Didn't know what my duaghter was talking about until I saw this ... she asked if Megan was a Red Cup member lol
  7. lmao, appearently i have mental issues, as per ebay seller :)

    PB Open Water
    :D i had a bad coil on my lil outboard and priced 1 local for around 50 bucks and maybe some shipping, found 1 on ebay alot cheaper , listed as new and came with a new wire on it. i think to myself, well i'm in no hurry, why not save 15bucks. i buy it now, paypal immediately, wait patiently for...
  8. LMAO Pic Reminds me of an old board fight

    PB Open Water
    Who can remember the fight that this pic resembles. And I could probably find the original :D
  9. My blind date that never happend lmao

    PB Open Water
    Ok , I was set up on a blind date , talked to her over a week period ,let her look at mypace so she could see what i looked like, ect ect . - all was good till she looked again an noticed i added the " he man woman haters club off of Claytons page " She called me Thurs and said she could not...
  10. Lmao

    PB Open Water
  11. lmao, anyone shopping for viagra? go to hb

    PB Open Water
    who's runnin the ship over there at hb site now, sucker is full of viagra ads:D guess that spammer knew a limp dick site when he seen 1 :p
  12. LMAO, What are your dogs

    PB Open Water
    afraid of? I had no idea that my Queensland, ever so brave protector of mine...would piss himself if anyone approached him wearing a hat! I first noticed it when we were camping about a month ago and my husband was carrying one of our ski tubes up from the boat. He had a load to carry so...
  13. I'm not sure if I thought this out to well ..LMAO

    PB Open Water
    I was looking for an Aluminum boat 19- 21 feet. A tunnel or a sport made by Eagle. A few converstaions with Eagles sales dude James, Canuck 1 and Jungle boy and I was pointed in the right direction. So a few days went by and now I'm getting ancy as I'm not typically very patient. and have a...
  14. lmao women amaze me

    PB Open Water
    I now know where your loyalties lie -- Same place ours does ... :D In our pants --- amazing :0) Ratso i just got a invite from a married customer of mine all expence's paid -- by the way She is a devote CHRISTIAN -- ;)