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  1. Trailer info for m.p. And thanks to all helping load boats

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Hey M.P. I noticed that you kind of fell in love with my trailer when you helped us load the boat so Il send you some info on it so when your ready for a new one you know which one to get. Big thanks to M.P. and all the other folks who helped with the loading, Windy as hell plus the lack of...
  2. Trailer tire load range question.

    PB Open Water
    Am I correct in this? My boat and trailer weigh about 5,000lb. Can I subtract my tongue weight then divide by 4 to get my minimum tire load rating? Obviously I would need to add in a safety factor to that number.
  3. [For Sale] ge front load washer and electric dryer 450$

    Other Stuff for Sale
    Hello fellow boaters I have a ge front load washer and dryer with the pedestals the washer is 110 volts and the dryer is 220 non gas hook up there were in my mom and dads apartment and they moved out now there in the garage taking up room 450$ for the set I'm located in valencia*
  4. Scary Load- Ghetto towing thread

    Tow Vehicles
    Anyone have any pics of scary loads they have seen on the road?
  5. Lock n load

    Political Rhetoric
    It's coming. Just sayin'
  6. Pump takes to long to load

    Greg Shoemaker
    Why does my brand new dominator pump take so long to load when i first put in the water,I leave it in forward when backing it in but still starts to overheat before the water starts to circulates.....
  7. I-beam length / load calculation

    PB Open Water
    If I have a 22 foot steel ibeam that is support on each end with the ibeam height being 5 inches and the "I" part being 3 inches, what is the max center load (ie. how much can I lift with it)? I have been to the web sites but the calculators get a little blurry after reading them.
  8. different impeller load chart

    Jet Boats
    i have seen all kinds of charts and graphs of impeller selection charts. i have not seen one however that shows different cuts and flow in GPM at given RPM. does one of these exist?
  9. trying to load go pro vids.

    Test Post
    here goes. trying to load mp4. any suggestions.
  10. Get a load of this guy!!!!

    Political Rhetoric
    THESE ARE ALL TRUE ACCOUNTS OF ACTIONS TAKEN BY OUR PRESIDENT, NOT JUST BACK TALK ABOUT HIM. PLEASE WAKE UP AMERICA. WHEN he refused to disclose who donated money to his election campaign, as other candidates had done, people said it didn't matter. WHEN he received endorsements from...
  11. Bad load related vibration

    Jet Boats
    Hey, just restored a 79 Tahiti jet boat, its got a berkely drive and 454 chevy engine, im a Ford Senior Master Certified tech at a dealership and rebuilt the whole driveline myself, the motor runs awesome out of water and can turn to rev limiter no problem, when im in the water ill mat it and...
  12. Music down load sites

    PB Open Water
    Who here uses these sites rhapsady,napster etc. and what are the pros and cons
  13. brand new front load washer and dry'r

    Other Stuff for Sale
    here's the deal, just bought these, now my wife wants stainless....???? I said ok till I found out that she spent over 2 grand for them... I was gonna take them to our havi place... but the dry'r is electric and havi is gas... I would trade this set for a gas set... or sell them...or
  14. Schiada Regata folks - load your cameras...

    So I was out on Las Tables Bay this morning on Nacimiento. Saw an F2 style looking boat with Schiada sea horse markings on it. Carrying the nose high, 78 number on her. 500 hp motor or so. Lee was out testing her. She'll be at the Schiada Regatta - had an IMCO drive on her. The Schiada 21...
  15. apache lake video wont load

    West Coast - South
    sorry guy i keep trying to load the video and it wont take it . I will have to find someone who can do it for me .
  16. If you're not pissed off about the gas prices yet...Get a-load of this!

    PB Open Water
    I was talking to this really cool old guy who owns a local welding/hydrolic shop that specializes in offshore rigging. He's been in business since the 60's and is still running strong. He walked me around his shop and showed me photos of the rigs and explained exactly what his complany does...
  17. engine dies under load

    I have a problem here. I have a v drive with a 468 gen 4 bbc. I can get it to start right up and idle, but when given gas it stutters and dies. I took the tanks out and cleaned them really good. I put all new lines on them 3/8. I made sure everything was tight. I bought a brand new high flow...
  18. Engine cuts out under load what's your guess?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Ok... Let's do a little diagnostic test. 07 Howard Sportdeck with a 600sci. Last weekend we took the boat out and when the boat was under load and going over 4500 rpm the engine cut out intermittently. An alarm also sounded giving a three beeps then repeated. One time it cut out when I was...
  19. How much load is to much for the alternator??

    Sorry if this has been asked befor but i did not find it in the search.. So i have two optimas on my boat (A #1 and #2 on a battery switch) and i charge them all the time, but my stereo is not that big and if i park and switch to one battery it last about twenty min. is that normal? of...