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  1. PB Open Water
    Like the title says where can a guy go to get a boat loan other than a bank. Most banks i see want 700+ credit scores i dont have one of those but i have never gone bankrupt or had anything repo. I make all my payments and only want to buy a used boat around the 10k range. Surely there has to...
  2. Boats for Sale
    Does anyone have any experience with anyone getting a used boat loan. I have good credit, I'm just looking for a no hassel loan. Thanks in advance.
  3. PB Open Water
    I have a friend that is looking to finance a boat for 28-30 K.. his credit score is a 750 and shows 8 K a month income... Where's the best place to get a boat lloan? And is there anyone on here who does this..... I told him it would be tough to get a loan.. The banks are telling him if it goes...
  4. PB Open Water
    I know that banks will finance a new boat, car, camper etc. Will they loan money on a used boat, at a decent interest rate? As always, thanks for the information and help!
  5. PB Open Water
    Has anyone on the boards attempted to get your home refi using the Obama plan? If so can you provide some info and who to call.There are a ton of scams out there and almost got screwed.Thanks g.
  6. PB Open Water
    Lender can hold title. Need funds by Friday 7/8/11. Will have lawyer draw up terms.
  7. PB Open Water
    Anybody have any reccomendations? Thanks
  8. PB Open Water
    Thinking about getting a equity line on the house to puchase the next boat. Rather use there money then mine,,Just left wells fargo and they said they coulnd'nt do it since my house is payed for free and clear, they said it needed a morgage attached to it, to do a equity line, Doesnt make scence...
  9. PB Open Water
    I am looking at boats for around the $20,000 range. This price is putting me in the 2000 to 2004 year range. My credit union does do any boat loans past 2007. I have looked online, but I would like to know if anyone on here has any recomedations, or if there is a loan guy on the boards.
  10. PB Open Water
    I bought a home in 2004. 30 year fixed @ 5.7% great loan at the time. Alot of peeps were buying stuff on arm loans and buying over thier heads. Homes they basically couldn't afford. My buddy was one of them and he just got his adjustable rate mortgage swithed to a 30 yr fixed @ 5.25%:mad...
  11. West Coast - South
    Im working on a deal for a sick house but need someone to help me with a loan. If you have someone or know of someone good please let me know. Thanks Mike
  12. PB Open Water
    Does anyone do this on here?
  13. PB Open Water
    Was looking to borrow 20 grand for a 1994 year model boat, most wont finance over 10 years. Any ideas..............Thanks:(:(
  14. PB Open Water
    Just had one of my Borrowers call asking for help with a boat loan. Who on here can help? . They are looking to buy a "pre-owned" boat from Eliminator, anybody that can help them out with that? I will pass on your info.
  15. PB Open Water
    Have seen rates as low as 4.25% for a fixed 30....who on here does these? I have a couple that I might take a look at....thanks.
  16. PB Open Water
    Does anyone recommend someone thats good? Thanks
  17. PB Open Water
    I've had the unfortunate experience of buying a motorhome (actually that was the good part) and trading in a toyhauler that I owed some money on (the bad part). The dealership that I bought the motorhome from has been in business for at least 30 years. Little did I know they filed for...
  18. PB Open Water
    What are the current Rates. Looking to buy.
1-18 of 33 Results