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  1. lahonton locals

    whats the water prediction for the 4th , looking to come up for a few days
  2. lahonton locals

    whats the water situation and forecast for the summer ? should i bring the boat or the sand toys ? its been a bad snow pack on the western slope !
  3. Havasu locals ---need help

    PB Open Water
    Who would you recommend for outdrive repair. My friend has a 575 w/ an xr drive and an IMCO stand off box. He lost forward but has reverse and nuetral. there is no binding in the cable. We think it may be the upper cone clutch. Looking to repair ASAP to salvage the rest of our vacation.
  4. Havasu locals opinion needed

    PB Open Water
    I am a dental specialist, Prosthodontist, and have been asked to come work in Havasu real partime, like 1 day/week. A general dentist in town with a very busy practice has patients who need my expertise. I do mainly dental implants, crowns/bridgework, and dentures. Usually more complex cases and...
  5. Temecula locals

    PB Open Water
    What can you tell me about the Glen Oak Hills area? The good , bad and ugly? Schools etc…. All the realtors will sugar coat it…. so I want the dirt please. What route do you take to Havasu? 215 – 15… or up to Hemet to the 10 – Rice road? I am tiring to convince the wife to move from OC. There...