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  1. Lock out handle

    Parts for Sale
    Lock out handle for cavitation plates. $200.00 559-906-9073 pictures coming soon.
  2. [For Sale] hitches,heaters, gov lock & 6.2 diesel aircleaner

    Other Stuff for Sale
    I purchased a estate the family was not sure what the 2 hitches fit or year, they thought 1 was a Toyota Tacoma the other dodge or chevy any one who can id them thank you in advance 120 each plus shipping 2 dayton heaters 1 7500 watt electric 100 plus shipping 1 90,000 btu propane 250 plus...
  3. Lock out Place Diverter

    Parts for Sale
    POSI LOK Handle 300.00 plus shipping Adam 619 2479921
  4. Mr lock

    Kick ass ,take names "be safe" sorry we cant make this event!
  5. Wanted

    Parts for Sale
    Looking for cavitation plate lock out handle
  6. positive lock shifter

    Jet Boats
    What's available for jet racing application... I blew a PD reverse bucket off :knockout:
  7. WTB Cavitation down pedal with adjustable lock out

    Parts for Sale
    looking to buy one of these .. let me know if you have one down pedal with adjustable lock out with a single pedal.. 530-903-1623 Bill can use a double pedal and remove the up part so either way looking for something Very Soon
  8. Cavitaion lock for V-Drive

    Parts for Sale
    I have a real nice Cavitaion lock for sale for 175.00.Better to call me Im not on here much....918_697_7411
  9. Up / down / lock pedal assembly question

    Anyone know what company made this dual pedal and spring system? I'm hoping to find an instruction sheet on how to initially set this up. It is in a 1972 Hondo lake boat. I want to keep it in the boat. I just want to set it up properly to learn to use it as designed. I also want to be able...
  10. Lock n load

    Political Rhetoric
    It's coming. Just sayin'
  11. [Question] 7.4l mpi vapor lock issue?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    We have a 91 cole superhawk with a 7.4l mpi engine that was swapped in by teague marine. Having some issues with what ive read on previous threads being vapor lock. Boat will run for awhile and then just die. Will crank and crank and not refire for awhile. It has the cool fuel system already...
  12. [SOLD] Forward reverse lock out/ water seedo

    Parts for Sale
    Reverser $100.00+ ship Speedo $ 30.00+ship
  13. Tongue Lock

    PB Open Water
    What's the best on the market?
  14. Stainless Steel Bravo Three Props and Bravo Three Props Lock For Sale

    Parts for Sale
    Sold my 26' Tritoon and need to sell my spare set of Stainless Bravo Three Props. They are in great shape and ready to go. No dings or nicks. They could use a polishing. They are 22P. I had 24P props on it when I bought it but I could never hit Wide Open Throttle (WOT) until I went down to...
  15. Plate lock out....need gears

    The gears inside the lock out assembly are beat to shit and missing a few teeth. Wanted to replace them. Not sure where to get them ? I was going to run down to McMaster Carr and see what they had... Any suggestions ? Thanks.
  16. Dizzy Lock out, how to?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I want to lock out my Comp 9K but can not find any information on the procedures. All I found was; "I used to know how" or “you pin the advance full” That's not really a lot to go off of. Any one who has done this before? Obviously you pin it, but is there provisions to lock it out? I’m...
  17. lost prop lock key.....

    I have a bravo one XR drive.....lost the prop lock key....any ideas how to get that off,,,,Thanks
  18. Mallory 4359514 Sprint Mag II Lock Advance

    Parts for Sale
    Mallory 4359514 Sprint Mag II with transformer $425
  19. First time out this summer without vapor lock!

    PB Open Water
    Just wanted to post this for other people that may be having the same problem. I've been fighting vapor lock on my 1996 26 Scarab (454Mag) all summer long. This is our first season with this boat, since we just purchased it in Feb. of this year. My wife and I went out on Ky Lake yesterday and...
  20. Mercury vapor lock kit

    PB Open Water
    I have a 96' Scarab and am looking for the vapor lock kit P/N 862264A 3. I can't seem to find it anywhere online. Can someone please help me out with it. Thanks