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  1. Looking for the Loose Cannon top fuel hydro hull's

    I am looking for the old loose cannon top fuel hydro hull's that were on here for sale sometime ago if anyone has any information where these boats are and if they are still for sale please let me know thank you all for your time
  2. Former "Loose Cannon" Hydro Hull And Misc. Hardware

    Boats for Sale
    For Sale $1,900.00 Former "Loose Cannon" Top Fuel Hydro hull. ... This is that last boat ran by Greg (although rumor has it we may be seeing him again?) I will sell it with or without the installed hardware as pictured. The pictures posted are this boat in action. Other pieces from...
  3. Bow eye is loose and cant get to it. need suggestions

    Jet Boats
    So i thought there was just foam up there but there appers to be a bulk head and i am in no way prepared to cut out that bulk head. What i am thinking of doing is cutting into the deck to install a pop up bow light and while i am there fix the bow eye. I would then need to run a long ass drill...
  4. Big boats getting loose

    PB Open Water
    You know this guy was picking vinyl from his butt hole for a week.:D YouTube - Bud Select 07 Shoot Out
  5. Pins, some tight, some loose.

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Pulled the crank today, going to replace the rod bearings, figured might as well since it looked like junk ran through them and i still had things apart. I noticed that some rods move very easy, the pins will slide back and forth and let the rod move around easy. Then i have 3 pistons/rods...
  6. Loose Nose U Bolts

    A lot of posts on this subject, as well as a lot of ideas on dealing with it. I bought my 75 Hondo in 1979. Obviously, it had a lot of towing with the U bolt loose, to the point that it did some real damage and wallowed slots where the normal 5/16" holes would have been. As my hull was foamed...
  7. Dominator Carbs.. Screws coming loose?

    Anybody have a way to keep them tight? Anyone use red locktite on the two flat head screws on the top of the 1150 dominators?? Every time I use it and it heat cycles they come a little loose. I ve heard stories of them coming loose.. Sure would make a mess if it went throught my...
  8. Lose or Loose

    PB Open Water
    Which is it? Are you a loser? Or just loose?
  9. Pam- Girl On The Loose, Anybody Watch

    PB Open Water
    I tried but me thinks she has stayed a a little too long. Before you say it yes I would;), but she is looking sort of tired and worn out IMO. What about her kids who are now about 11 years old and understand what is happening. Just wondering out loud on this, any opinions? NSF
  10. Loose Money in Devore

    PB Open Water
    Loose Monkey in Devore On your way home from the lake or river, be on the lookout for a monkey that escaped from a camp in Devore. He's got black fur, about 5'6" tall and you catch him, he may tear off your balls or bite off your fingers. His name is Mo...
  11. When to loose the C bowl?

    Jet Boats
    My new Spectra 19 has a totally stock JC pump. At what HP level do I need to worry about getting a G bowl? I'm running an Olds for now, so I'm guessing it'll be ok for a while? :)violent11