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  1. Lost my dad week and 1/2 ago

  2. Lost Lake

    Jet Boats
    Is anybody going to Lost Lake Labor Day that would not mind bringing a set of headers back to Riverside area? RD
  3. Lost my Storage .... Everything MUST GO!

    Parts for Sale
    All parts and equipment from HI TECH Marine. New and used inventory, engine blocks, heads, and components, fuel tanks for jet boats and cruisers, jet boat parts, exhaust manifolds, intake manifolds, cast motor mounts, starters, alternators, carburetors, Pickers delight!!! Bring your truck and...
  4. [Question] Lost 500 RPM in my Jetboat

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I have always run a Davis Unified Ignition (DUI) HEI distributor in my BBC powered boat. This past winter I installed a Mallory Nitrous 6 box, PN6865M. Yesterday I put it in the water to test and it seems it will only turn 5500 RPM. Last year, 6K. Now, the tachometer was triggered off the...
  5. Have the Republican Party lost touch with reality?

    Political Rhetoric
    While I do support most gun rights, I think the logic of the Senate leader is out of line regarding appointing a Supreme Court Justice. The NRA is not part of the legislative process and is just another lobby. McConnell: No New Supreme Court Justice Until The NRA Approves Of The Nominee |...
  6. Lost Pics

    I just came across these pics of 3 of my father's boats. I was too young to remember these boats, but they are cool! This mid to late 50's. So enjoy "Linda III", "Gold In Rod", and his favorite "Nut Kraker" which was blown. Notice the incline on the Gold N Rod's trailer. For launching I'm...
  7. We have lost another flatbottom racer

    )It saddens me to share that another flabottom racer has passed to faster waters. Phil Bradley, my dad and known on this site as "EXSSMAN" lost his courageous battle with cancer. Phil started his career inn 1973 with a copper color Mandella named Wugsys Wagon(SS-73). He then became partners...
  8. Lost a great man...

    Pete Kimbell passed away this morning.. He loved his family, friends and boat! Pete fought his disease like no other and he did not let it get him down. After I bought his boat he would call me at least monthly to check in on his baby. I would tell him it was still his I was only baby sitting it...
  9. Lost footage

    PB Open Water
    This video has boats in it :wink2:
  10. Lost quite a few brothers and sisters in 2014

    Political Rhetoric
    114 Police Killed on Duty in 2014; 46 Were Shot to Death | CNS News This info probably shows on page 22 of a old news paper. One buddy on the list was an avid hot boater like us from years back.
  11. Lost Lake Saturday night races

    Jet Boats
    What happened to the races on Saturday nights ? It was a normal deal with a lot of boats 7-8 years ago, then less and less and now it hardly happens. Where are the guys who used to show up ?
  12. Last time out, lost a cam lobe...

    So looks like my season ended sooner than I thought. Just finished swapping in the 18* gears in and having a blast at the cottage all weekend and started hearing a popping sound coming back through the carb. Gother back across the lake and onto the trailer, pulled the valve covers and cranked it...
  13. Lost... Lost Wages Boat

    Has anybody seen the Lost Wages lately?:stir:
  14. I lost

    Political Rhetoric
    a submission because the token has expired, is it gone?
  15. We lost another legend

    It saddens me to post this but my good friend Melvin Benge has passed. Melvin drove a blown gas flat called "One Night Benge" for Lloyd Stephens' OFIXCO Special team for several years in the 70's and early 80's. Melvin and Bob Morgan (Kansas Badman) are the reason my parents ever met so...
  16. Lost Footage 2014 DESERT STORM

    PB Open Water
  17. Permanent spot @ Lost Lake

    Other Stuff for Sale
    Lot is 25'X90', the place started out life as a 35' travel trailer and has about a 12' addition to the right side. It needs work, but its usable as is. AC was brand new a few years ago, we fixed the water heater and a few other little things. I may have a 2nd AC for the back bedroom here real...
  18. Lost My Mind!

    Caught the addiction and bought another one. Need it like a hole in the head but oh well! It's a 75 Pro Stock 396 BBC pretty well original.
  19. Lost Isle in 2014?

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    I've heard from several sources it will be open this spring! Lost Isle Bar and Resort on The California Delta
  20. Looking for lost boat

    PB Open Water
    i am just putting this out here, i have a good friend who purchased a 1963 rayson craft brand new and had it for years and sol dit and it went through a few hands and we are trying to find it, Anyone have any ideas on the best way to go about this? he says it only had these numbers on it D103...