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  1. cfw April 1 Fathersday campsite lottery

    is this set for 4/1 at 7am and how does it work for the 1/4 cove numbered sites. ?
  2. $2 million lottery winner on food stamps

    Political Rhetoric
    $2M Michigan lottery winner defends use of food stamps - Yahoo! News #1 problem is the fact he sees nothing wrong with what he's doing. #2 problem is the stupidity of regulations that allow it.
  3. $4 million lottery winners!!

    PB Open Water
    Colorado couple thought they were millionaires after newspaper printed wrong Lotto numbers - Yahoo! News Dorothy our lotto ticket numbers match the winning numbers in the paper!!! WE JUST WON $4 million dollars!!!!! An hour later: The newspaper printed the wrong winning numbers?.....Ahhhhh...
  4. $232M lottery winner!

    PB Open Water
    He only gets to keep 88 mil after tax!*
  5. Doctor lottery

    Political Rhetoric
    I've heard several Americans speaking on how they would like to see government run health care "like Canada has." I guess the news doesn't make it across the border on just how poor our health care really is here. Just as a small example, there is now a lottery on who gets to have a personal...