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  1. Outdrives
    I have a friend looking for a lower half for his outdrive. TR or TRS will work. If anyone has one to sell or has a lead on one, please let me know. Thanks Scott
  2. Parts for Sale
    In the market for a -2 lower. Needs to be a 1.5. If anyone has one available please let me know.
  3. Bob Teague
    Hey guys/gals I have a 588 NA motor (Dart Big M tall deck, 4.56 bore) with AFR 335 heads that is at 700hp on the dyno, compression is 10.5 to 1. I would like to see the motor more around 800-850hp, so I figured best bet would be to put a Whipple 3.3 on her, but compression is obviously to high...
  4. Parts for Sale
    Help. I'm in need of a lower 10* Casale split case standard gear. it is 25% overdriven. Does anyone have a broken set? Thanks in advance Paul
  5. Parts for Sale
    -2 lower $3000 call 480 396 3455
  6. Parts for Sale
    Teague Platinum XR w/IMCO Lower 1.36 Gears Great running condition. Looks like it was refreshed and broken in when I got it. Ran it myself for just about 10 hours with no problem. Gears are too tall for my application so I simply purchased a stock Bravo XR drive. This would be a great drive...
  7. Outboards
    trying to help a friend of mine replace his lower unit on his Nissan 140hp outboard. vertical shaft bearing ate its self apart. poor guy just bought this boat "was told by the seller it just had a service" hardly any oil was in the lower unit, and you can tell it hadn't been changed in years. I...
  8. Jet Boats
    If you wanted to try and lower the upper suction pressures just a little on a drag type jet boat, how would you do it and what effect would it have on performance if that was the only change? Boat has a R intake. Lets say you have an upper suction pressure of around 80 lbs at 130 mph and...
  9. Parts for Sale
    I have a Bravo one 1.50 lower for sale, only removed from boat to swap to an Imco. Asking 1K obo, might be willing to trade it for parts......
  10. Parts for Sale
    Bravo upper /polished imco lower 1inch shorty IF YOU need a drive ...... This is all brand new!!!!!!!!!!!.....1.50 Bravo upper imco 1 inch shorty lower 6500 firm call 916-606-5425 please dont send a messsage I never log on here,please call or text thanks PS THE GIMBLE IN THE PICTURE ALREADY...
  11. Parts for Sale
    IMCO Standard length lower, just rebuilt with new gears, bearings and seals. 1" IMCO vertical and prop shafts. This is in Excellent condition. $2600.00 OBO
  12. Parts for Sale
    I have a standard IMCO lower that was just rebuilt with 13 hours of use. Has IMCO shafts, 1" prop shaft, NEW MERC bearings and gears and is 1.5 ratio. I am looking to trade or a -2 IMCO with a 1.5 ratio and either size prop shaft is fine. E-mail or text [email protected] or 847-754-0335
  13. Parts for Sale
    I'm looking for an IMCO -2 Lower. It needs to be the current IMCO design, not the old style and 1.5 gear ratio. I also have a Standard IMCO Lower that was just rebuilt and has 13 hours on it. It's 1.5 ratio, with Imco shafts and NEW merc bearings and gears. I would be willing to trade for...
  14. Parts for Sale
    Looking to sell a new set of lower gears. 1.25 ratio they sell for over $1000.00 asking 550.00 shipped in US
  15. Parts for Sale
    Imco -2" Lower Unit - $2,000 shipping on your dime - clean unit - bought it for a Hallett Vector project, but sold the boat - this is just gathering dust in the garage - got an upholstery job coming up and need to sell this to fund the project
  16. Parts for Sale
    I have a -2" Shorty IMCO 1.5 lower unit. It was just inspected and serviced in great condition. I would be interested in swapping for a standard length IMCO lower unit. I am only interested in trading and have no interest is selling. Located in Phoenix. Email for any info. [email protected]
  17. Parts for Sale
    Looking for good alpha gen 2 lower , complete lower or nice case..or whole drive if price is right.. Thanks Kevin ... [email protected]
  18. Jet Boats
    Looking to see if anyone had info on possible rentals for Labor Day, I don't wanna drag my trailer back out because I gotta bring the boat home so looking for something simple. Possible mobile at Big River or Aha Quin? Thanks for any ideas you may have. :) I would stay at the wheeler with my...
  19. Parts for Sale
    Imco Lower -0 1 1/4 prop shaft 1:34 gears I have two lowers $2800 ea or $5000 for both Text or call (575)309-7440
  20. Parts for Sale
    Bravo XR upper low hour just had it inspected and everything looks good and in great shape. Comes with drive shower and Imco dual ram steering cap. Sportmaster -2 lower is almost brand new has big prop shaft and less than 1 hour of run time. Email me [email protected] or call Kyle...
1-20 of 103 Results